Phil 104 Critical Thinking Assignment

Topics: Truth, Atheism, Existence Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: August 12, 2011
Secular Humanism
I. Part One:

i. Secular Humanism believes that matter has always existed and given enough time and chance, the end result is what you see around us today (Naturalism). In summary, everything that exists has nothing to do with God; it all comes from nature because there is not enough evidence to support existence in the supernatural. ii.In secular humanism view mankind is only a more sophisticated animal, and is not any greater in value over the animal kingdom. They believe that since mankind and animals come from a similar ancestry, mankind shouldn’t be seen any superior than animals. iii.According to secular humanism mankind does not have any real reason why they exist because it is the product of evolutionary forces. Since man is a machine and is not control of what happens, life cannot have any real value or significance. iv.Among naturalistic theories there is no consensus. They fall into the category of relativism (there is no absolute truth). The truth is dependent upon an individual or society and is subject to change. So this means, what is right today could be wrong tomorrow. Diversity exists in Naturalism. v.They are not concerned about life after death, since death is final. When a person dies they cannot function as they once did, so the process of decomposition starts to take place. Only what someone has done to impact the people and world around them lives on such as community service, philanthropy, environmentalism and other types of meaningful activity.

(Weider, & Gutierrez, 2011)

II. Part Two:
i.The secular humanism and biblical/Christian view thinks two totally different things about how everything exists, because the biblical/Christian worldview believes that everything that exists was created by God, while the secular humanism believes matter has always existed and with nature and time it just progressed. ii.The biblical/Christian view believes that to be human you are an extraordinary...
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