Personal Narrative: My California Trip
Topics: Family, Debut albums, Plane, Mother, Hotel, Father / Pages: 4 (911 words) / Published: Dec 8th, 2015

California Trip Ever since my mother had me she always talked about California and how she used to live there and how much she loved it there. She was always talking about going but we never got around to it. During my freshman year, about one week after the second quarter ending and over four years of planning, we decided to go. Our plane left from Minnesota at 5:35 AM so my dad and I just stayed awake because we were leaving our house to go to Minnesota at one. It was the longest car ride of my life because I was so anxious to get on that big of a plane. After arriving we waited at the airport for a good hour or two until our plane left as soon as we boarded the plane, I saw my seat and it just so happened to be a window seat. The only other person in our family that had a window seat besides me was my mother. While …show more content…
When I say it was hot, I mean it was HOT. Like very sunny and nothing like the weather we had just left back in Minnesota. Within ten minutes of landing at LAX my mom and dad already saw someone famous, I still don’t know who he is, but he was a tattoo guy with his own TV show. Then it was time for my moms brother to come get us. When we landed my moms brother Matt came and picked us up from the airport and took us to our hotel where we were staying until we went to Disneyland. After the whole Disneyland trip we went to Hollywood and walked on the stars and met tons of cool people. The next day we went to Long Beach and swam in the ocean and collected seashells. On our last day there we went to see the Queen Mary and when I first saw it, I just remember how big it was. It was easily bigger than our school, it was just immense and I remember thinking about how they even managed to make a ship that big back

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