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Topics: Washington, D.C., Washington Monument, Security Pages: 2 (716 words) Published: April 3, 2013
St. Barbara 8th grade Washington D.C., Trip

Friday, March 18, 2011
Yesterday seemed like today but it was really tomorrow. Confusing but that’s what happens when we go from California to Washington. We got on the plane about nine o’clock, landed at three o’clock California time but it was really six o’clock in Washington. So we had to keep going on with the day and me, being “smart”, didn’t sleep on the way there. So, I was basically awake from nine o’clock at night to eleven o’clock at night, plus the previous day I was awake. Not only me but my classmates were exhausted. When we got off the plane we got on the bus and were on our way to IHOP. Michelle and I decided to play with food. Good times. We took pictures and had coffee to keep ourselves awake. It was really fun. When we were done with our food we got back on the bus and were on our way to Arlington cemetery. The ride was forty-five minutes so I took a nap next my friend Sidney. We arrived at the Arlington Cemetery. Yet, I was still pretty tired from the flight, some call it jet lag. We had a long walk at the place but it was worth it. They had so many cemetery’s it was sad. We saw the women’s in the Special Forces memorial. Then we saw the unknown solider memorial before that we were in this big area what looked like a roman performance area but it was a memorial for the Unknown Soldier. I slept there for a half hour or so. We took pictures on the throne and then after that we saw the Wreath Ceremony. We walked and walked to the Kennedy Family tombs. After that we were well on our way to lunch in D.C. We waited for the bus and we got on and were on our way to D.C. We arrived at Old Post Office Pavilion and had lunch. We first went through security. I had my food at a Japanese place most of my friends had sushi but I threw up the last time I had some so I didn’t take any chances. I did a little souvenir shopping for my friends and family. Then we were going to go up in the tower but it took too...
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