Perceptions of Project Management

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Perceptions of Project Management
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Perceptions of Project Management
Project management is understood to be a set of activities that has a specific objective that is to be completed within certain specifications. In addition the project will have specific starting and ending dates, resource requirements, and funding requisites (Kerzner, 2009). The project described in this text involves the product development of a hybrid electric vehicle for Federal Express. The project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure are outlined. Each of these areas is important to realize a successful project deployment and conclusion.

Project Identification
The trend in the transportation industry beginning in 2001 was beginning to focus on alternative fueled and hybrid powered vehicles. This was an effort to develop a truck that provided both fuel efficiency and environmentally friendly operations with a reduction in emissions. Federal Express (FedEx) was an existing partner of Freightliner and approached us with a request to partner with them to bring this new technology to market. The stakeholders in part for this project included (in addition to FedEx and Freightliner) Eaton Corporation, and Environmental Defense. Eaton was the developer of the technology that Freightliner would integrate and test the hybrid electric system. Environmental Defense is a nonprofit organization that was part of the project team to assist with public awareness and technology guidance. The project charter was developed that included timelines, financial responsibilities, project scope and organization resources and responsibilities. .

Steps for Project Success
The steps for the success of the project initially began with a definition of the overall vehicle specifications. This included vehicle size such as gross vehicle weight, cubic feet cargo caring size, and operating performance characteristics. In addition a baseline vehicle specification was...

References: Kerzner, H. (2009). Project management: A system approach to planning, scheduling,
and controlling (10th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.
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