People Watching
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Have you even been able to just sit down and watch people? Watching people is one of the craziest things to do in life. There are so many different types of people in the world. You can't predict what you are going to see or hear. I went to the Boise Town Square Mall and was given the opportunity to sit down and observe the lives of others around me.

I was sitting between Spencer's and Mrs. Powell's near the food court, where a lot of people pass by. At Spencer's, Halloween costumes and decorations line the rows of shelves. Decorations of six-foot tall goblins and gouls ranging from beheaded men greeting you at the doorway to non-moving Frankenstein's. The technology that the world has today has developed quite notably throughout history. It is amazing what computers can do to improve these statues and other decorations for the public's liking. There are candy bowls filled with candy and an animated hand that grabs your arm when you reach in, and many different types of statues that talk when you pass by or move when noise is made. All of these innovations prove to satisfy the needs of the people.

At Mrs. Powell's, the employees didn't always look like they had something to keep them busy. During the times that I happened to glance over at them I noticed that the arrival of customers continued to fluctuate. The more customers that came in, the more stressed out and tense the employees became. When there weren't many customers around, employees were able to relax more and weren't put under as much pressure to keep the orders correct. Each individual worker, though, had his or her own way of dealing with the stresses of trying to feed too many hungry mouths. One man changed his breathing technique from slow, deep breaths to short, quick breaths. A young woman almost hyperventilated whenever there were more than three customers waiting for their food. I don't know what could possibly be so stressful about working in a bakery. All you do is grab what the person asks

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