Busn258 Week 7 Reviewing the Facts

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Charmian Hernandez

BUSN 258 – 14723

Customer Relations

Week #7 – Reviewing the Facts

February 23, 2013

Professor Christine Epps
Chapter 13: question 1, page 202 (Reviewing the Facts section) Which of the two general causes of stress, worker characteristics and working conditions, is the most significant in your job? How can you control or manage it? Worker characteristics that can cause job stress may include the following such as I need to be in control at all times. I also lack of control which makes me feel as a sign of weakness. I also have major, major difficulty delegating assignments to others. I feel as though no one else can do this job the way it should be done. I also avoid showing signs of weakness or nervousness. My ultimate desire is to please people which are one of my weaknesses. I also have a fear of disappointment to others and most of all I need to be perfect. When asked to write about this, I could not believe these are some of the things that I or most people do on a daily basis and for us to control or manage it I believe that companies need to “design jobs to provide meaning, stimulation, and opportunities for workers to use their skills. By clearly defining workers' roles and responsibilities and giving workers opportunities to participate in decisions and actions affecting their jobs they can improve communications and social interaction among workers.” (Jacobs 2012). However for me as a person I need to take long deep breaths, listen to music which calms me, and move away from the computer and take a walk for about 5-10mins break, which helps me manage my stress during the day.

Chapter 14: question 2, page 216 (Reviewing the Facts section) How can a manager best set a strategy for improving customer loyalty? What steps make sense? As a Manager, we all know customer loyalty is all about attracting the right customer, getting them to buy, buy often, buy in higher quantities and even bring you more customers,...

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