Passive to Active Voices

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Passive vs. Active Voice
Voice is the form of a verb that shows whether the subject is performing the action.

In English, there are two voices: active and passive. Only action verbs indicate the active voice; linking verbs cannot.

If the subject of a verb performs the action, the voice is active.

The captain telephoned the crew.

Telegraph messages gathered on the desk.

If the subject receives the action, the voice is passive.

The crew was telephoned by the captain.

The telegraph messages were gathered into neat piles.

A passive verb is always a verb phrase made from a form of be + the past participle of a verb.

Verb “to be”

|am |am being |can be |have been | |is |is being |could be |has been | |are |are being |may be |had been | |was |was being |might be |could have been | |were |were being |must be |may have been | | | |shall be |might have been | | | |will be |shall have been | | | |would be |should have been | | | | |will have been | | | | |would have been |

Convenience and efficiency have been delivered by the telephone. The telephone delivered convenience and efficiency.

The order must have been canceled by one of the managers.
One of the managers [must have] canceled the order.

The audit will be performed by Jim Henderson.
Jim Henderson will perform the audit.

The monument will be dedicated by the mayor during the ceremonies next week. The mayor will dedicate the monument during the ceremonies next week.

You and your staff were being praised by everyone for such a great job. Everyone praised you...
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