Explain Each of the Terms Speech, Language, Communication and Slc Needs

Topics: Language, Communication, Linguistics Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Explain each of the terms:
• Speech - it is a meaningful vocalised form of language and involves the physical motor ability to make sounds, i.e. pronouncing articulate sounds and words accurately, and speaking fluently in the correct tone, volume and intonation. It is used to express wants and needs, feelings and emotions, thoughts and ideas. Correct speech is delivered without stuttering and in a suitable vocal condition. • Language – it is a way of communicating in a pre-structured, systematic, rule directed manner using speech, with conventional meanings understood by masses of people. It contains rules on how to understand and make up words, how to structure words together to make up a meaningful sentence verbally, in written form or signed, how to use sentences to make up stories, conversations and other texts, and how to use symbols, gestures and sounds. Language can be used without speech, such as in Sign language, or the use of body language to convey messages understood in various languages (such as a wave for “Hello” or “Goodbye”). • Communication – it is a way of expressing, exchanging, explaining and informing others or a single individual of thoughts, emotions, feelings, opinions, concepts and information, verbally through spoken language or non-verbally through writing, sign language, pictures, symbols, facial expressions, behaviour and gestures. To communicate effectively one needs to send and receive information, interpret and understand the information, then send and receive more information, while listening attentively and thinking logically. Communication is a vital part of the life of children and adults and is highly important in childhood to support the healthy development of children’s social and emotional skills and to improve their educational attainments. • Speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) – encompasses a large variety of additional needs or difficulties an individual might be experiencing in their speech, language...
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