Parent Interview

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Parent Interview
I interviewed a woman who has given birth within the past year so that I can relate the things I am learning in the classroom back to real life scenarios. Throughout the interview I hope to obtain enough knowledge to be able to understand the birthing process a lot better. I hope that I will be able to know more about how real life situations when it comes to having a new baby in the house. I also hope to be able to understand what it is like for a mother to see their newborn baby for the first time.

Elsa is a 23 year old female. She is Mexican and was born at Fremont hospital in Yuba City, CA. Her family is made up of her boyfriend, herself, and her 4 children. Her boyfriend is also Mexican and they speak mostly English inside of their home, but they also include some Spanish. She doesn’t work at the moment, she currently is enrolled in 5 classes at Yuba College and is a full time mother to her 4 little ones. I interviewed Elsa outside of the cafeteria at Yuba College, it wasn’t exactly in privacy but she said it was perfectly fine. The total interview took about an hour. Elsa was very nice and considerate, since she is an ECE major also, she decided in the middle of the interview that she wants to take ECE 3 and learn about that the basics of every child. There was no problems with the procedure.

Elsa had a difficult delivery. She had a planned cesarean delivery, but she had a lot of tissue scaring which made it harder for the doctors to stitch the incision that was made. According to Papilla, a cesarean delivery is when doctors surgically remove a baby from the uterus through an incision in the mother’s abdomen (120). She ended up having to stay 4 days in the hospital because of the complications with the incision. When Elsa first saw her daughter she was instantly in love with the little button nose and soft skin. Her newborn baby was seven and a half pounds, which according to Papilla that is the...
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