Cps Interview

Topics: Social work, Sociology, International Federation of Social Workers Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Social work
CPS Interview
With Kayla Ramsey


Summer, the year of 2012 is when I found my calling for Social Work. I woke up one day and decided I loved to help people and it seemed logical I change my major to Social Work! The Social Work field is so broad it is almost impossible to decide on a career path. As of now, I am interested in working in CPS, Child Protective Services. Although I have never had personal experience with a CPS worker, I have seen their work throughout my life. Whether it was a friend who had family problems, on the news, or even movies, I understood that CPS is a difficult profession. There are many who doubt I can do well in the career of Child Protective Services because of the heartbreak, stress, and long hours. My passion is to help others, investigate, and solve problems. I believe a career in CPS would be perfect for me and those who have the same passion! When my class was given the assignment to interview a practicing BSW Social Worker in my introductory Social Work class I immediately knew I wanted to interview a Child Protective Service worker. I then emailed the Radford, Virginia Department of Social Services and asked to interview a CPS worker. The next day I received a call from social worker Kayla Charles offering me the interview I asked for! Kayla Charles is a CPS Social Worker for the Radford Department of Social Services. Ms. Charles graduated from our neighbor college James Madison University. My first question for Ms. Charles was what is her job title? Ms. Charles explained that the state of Virginia categorizes by levels of seniority, starting out your job title is usually Social Worker I, then later Social Worker II, etc. Then she explained that as a social worker you are branched off into different fields such as CPS, Foster Care, Food Stamps, etc. Ms. Charles minored in Child Development in college which led her into the CPS field of social work. I then told Ms. Charles my plan was...
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