Family Interview

Topics: Family, High school, Middle school Pages: 4 (1656 words) Published: November 6, 2012
Family History Interview
The person I choose to interview was my mother Elizabeth . The reason I chose to interview her was that I wanted to gain a closer bond with her. She is the closet relative living from which I could gain the most knowledge. (Q11) She was raised by both of her parents. (Q1) Her father Marlyn , was the Mayor or Morgantown, WV, as well taught law at WVU. Her Mother was Jerry , a graduate of WVU with a bachelor’s degree in zoology. Jerry was a woman of many talents. She sold a clothing line out of their house as well as being a housewife, mother, and secretary of their local Methodist church. (Q2) Betty grew up in Morgantown, WV, in an exclusive area called South Park. The neighborhood was a well kept area with manicured yards, brick roads, and larger houses. It was a great area to grow up with many middle to higher income professional families, which maintained close family ties. (Q4, 5) Betty’s earliest memories of childhood were her many neighborhood friends that played outside until dark during the summer. In the winter with her friends, they played many board games. She also enjoyed alone time in her room with many hobbies. Another early memory was attending church every Sunday with her family. After church they would go to the local dairy store and purchase homemade ice cream cones before going home. (Q6, 7) My mother earned an allowance for doing chores such as cleaning her bedroom, setting the table up for dinner and cleaning up when dinner was finished, as well as helping her father wash the family car and cutting the grass. Her allowance consisted of ten cents per grade level and she was paid weekly. After sixth grade she was no longer paid an allowance due to all the extracurricular activities she participated in during junior high and high school. She saved half of her allowance and spent the rest on wooden cap guns, wooden airplanes, and candy. Childhood games consisted of board games such as Life, Monopoly, Chinese Checkers,...
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