Interview with a Caregiver

Topics: Culture, Family, Death Pages: 4 (1176 words) Published: October 31, 2014
Caregiver Interview
The person that I interviewed is Emily Vandoo, a floor nurse at Lankenau Hospital, located in Philadelphia Pa. Emily has been in the field of nursing for 3 years and has cared for toddlers to the elderly. Emily prefers not to work with children, especially those with terminal illnesses. She has a better tolerance to assist elderly patients who have live longer lives and who were able to have valuable time on earth before their death. Age appropriate considerations are made depending on a person's developmental stage in life. For example, in the elderly, it is important to allow autonomy, consider mobility issues and living arrangement. Family structure is an important consideration in regards to family members assisting with care for the frail elderly. Cognitive impairment is also a factors that make family structure an important part of care and knowing who will be involved. It is important to ask a patient about culture beliefs and incorporate it in their care. Emily stated, Jehovah's witness will not allow you to administer blood products, Muslim females may request to only have women caregivers and Jews may need a manual nurse call bell during the Shabbat, because they cannot turn on electricity. When asked about challenges and rewards when working in this life span, Emily was honest and passionate when giving information.Safety, ,Polypharmacy ( long list of medications from different doctors increase the risk of side effects and adverse reactions from drug interactions), and cognitive impairment decreasing the ability to learn. Financial issues with paying for medical expenses and medications. Decrease insurance coverage may cause some elderly patients to take meds every other day to conserve medications or only take daily medications when they "Feel bad". Providing sufficient comfort- remain without pain or suffering from symptoms due to terminal illness. Challenges also arise when no living will or advance directive...
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