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How to decorate bedrooms
People spend one-third of time on the bedroom during the whole life. Not only for sleeping, but also for working. However, people always ignore the importance of bedrooms, some of whom considered that it's unworthy to embellish bedroom because there are not other people will be visited, some of whom believe that bedroom is just a place to sleep, no matter how you decorate it. Nevertheless, sleep is the source of health, therefore, to decorate a sweet and elegant bedroom can make people go to sleep easily, even beneficial to people's physical and mental health. The first step is also the most basically procedure, thinking of the indoor furniture structure arrangement and the overall design style in order to determine the decorative style. For instance, rural style, Chinese style, or the modern style. After that, we can continue to the next step. The second step is to choose furniture. Undoubtedly, bed is one of the most important stuff in the bedroom, which take the most place either, so choose it carefully. You may also need to buy the bedside table to suit the bed. In addition, desk is the other most important stuff for the bedroom decoration. When choosing desks, don't just think of the aesthetic function, you may also need to focus on the practicality of the desk. Furthermore, you can choose some other small furniture if you have a big room, like rocking chair, bookcase, and shelf to put souvenirs or CDs.

The third of step is to determine the placement of all the furniture. The activity center of bedroom is bed, so it's better to be placed in the middle of the room. The path to the bed should be expedite, which make bed become the most convenient place to get close. Moreover, it is better to put desks beside the window rather than putting to a dark corner, because you can enjoy the sunshine exposure while you are working, so that you don't need to turn on the light in the daytime, which is enjoyable and environmental....
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