island escape

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My Island Escape
Ever since I was a little kid I knew where I always dreamed of living. My dream home would be more than I could ever imagine. It would be on a bright and warm island. With the white sand all around me, bright from the glistening of the sun, to the feel of the breeze blowing up to the shore and the sound of the beautiful aqua blue waves. As I walk up to the house all I imagine to see is a big porch overlooking the island. I see a two story house with maybe 3 bedrooms or so, not too big. It should be rustic, in a light colored wood or a nice colored plaster, with big windows where I can sit on the windowsill and look out on the island. It will be bright with a light sense and feel to it. Sitting with crisp white rocking chairs so that every evening as the sun goes down I can lose myself in the calm sound of the waves. Where I can be evincible over anything and everything life throws at me.

What will be light and cozy from the inside as if you were sitting in the sand, relaxing and not a care in the world about anything stressful. The living room will have huge windows overlooking the gorgeous blue water and will give the room a nice lightning in the day and when the evening comes there will be plenty of candles lit for the warmth feel in the room. With a built in couch all the way down the room so me and my little family could spend hours playing games. The kitchen is a very important room for me, I love to cook. I want a rustic countryside style kitchen with a island in the middle of the room. The kitchen will be colored in different tones of white mostly, with grayish color countertops and will have a fresh clean-cut backsplash. With all stain-less steel appliances to tie the room together for that homey feeling.

The master bedroom is the most important room, I care a lot about how things are where I’m supposed to sleep. The bed will have a huge white comforter set with bright yellow as the accent color, big walk in closets on...
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