Ergonomics of a Hostel Room

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Hostel Room Design

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This report aims to introduce the topic of the project: “Hostel Room Design using Ergonomics”. It outlines the importance of a well-designed hostel room in a student’s college experience. It summarizes how lack of attention to this aspect in the midst of hurried higher education expansion hampers the growth of youth to adults. It identifies many different aspects of design of a hostel room that must be well designed from the ergonomics perspective to improve the quality of life of college students, but only from a qualitative perspective. Further in-depth quantitative study and developing a design of a standard hostel room will be done in future parts of this project. The report ends with critical review of two Research Papers and a US Patent that are relevant to the study.


During the course of this project, we plan to look in detail the design and setting of hostel rooms from ergonomics point of view. We plan to look into the all over design aspect of the room i.e. the placement/location of the door, windows, cabinets, lights, light switches etc. We would also improve the main/essential furniture parts present in the rooms such as the bed, computer table, cabinet etc keeping into mind their final use by the students.


A student’s hostel plays an important role in a student’s college life. Based on our own college experience, we have come across many uncomfortable features that exist in hostel rooms. Since experiences in college eventually determine what kind of adults the students will become, it is obvious that the place where a lot of student life is spent, the hostels, be designed in a way that introduces desirable features in the student’s personality. For instance, absence of certain desirable features in the hostel room design like proper lighting will take away the reading habits of some students, and hamper the health of eyes of others.

As part of this project, we would study the location of all the features of our hostel room. Then, we would look upon ideas to improve the design, location etc of these features. We would analyze the various aspects such as bed and table shape, light settings etc. and put forward some guidelines that should be followed in the construction of hostel rooms. We will keep into mind common articles that students have for their use in hostels, and provide convenience in storage/usage in the hostel room design itself.

Background Data

Inconvenient & Inefficient Features

These problems are based on the rooms in Satpura hostel:

1. Room Design

Basic room dimensions are not efficiently chosen according to things in room. Same area can be used in an efficient manner to provide much more free space and facilitate movement in the room. Due to this there is problem of free movement for the students, especially in double shared rooms.

2. Computer/Study Table

The computer cum study table provided lacks some of the important requirements. These include:

➢ Height: Height of the table is not comfortable for writing or working on computer. This leads to back-ache & shoulder pain when working for long hours.

➢ Leg rest: There is no comfortable leg rest with the table. The lower platform provided is not of any use & makes it uncomfortable to rest legs.

➢ Drawer: A drawer for stationery items should be incorporated in the design.

3. Lighting:

➢ Placement of the tube-light: The placement of the tube-light is not efficient with respect to study table & it is not able to illuminate the whole room, this may be due the book rack which is placed very close to it & hinders most of the light coming from the tube-light.

➢ Table-lamp: Table-Lamp provided above the table is not good for eyes as it focuses directly on the eyes of the user instead of focussing on the table. This leads to strain in the...

References: Date: December 5, 1995
The patent provides a design of an Ergonomic Pillow
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