My 1st Year University Experience

Topics: English-language films, Rock music, University Pages: 1 (465 words) Published: October 2, 2010
When I received the notice that I had pass the university entrance exam, I was overwhelme by excitement, I had no idea how my campus live would be, and I never expected it to be this bad. The room that I rent is on the third floor of the host’s house. When I first saw the room, I was really disappointed. It is small and has no window, so it’s very hot in the summer. My house is quite big and airy with a beautiful park and a lake at the opposite; therefore, the stuffiness of this room really discourages me. Unfortunaltely, there was no room near the university available so I had to stick to it with despression. Unlike my friends who live with their close friend or relatives, I share my room with a stranger; she is a second year student from the law faculty of Vietnam national university. She is not too tall and a little chubby with shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. The first day we met, we introduced ourselves to each other and talked about our family, hometown and hobbies.Through the conversation, I found out that not only we had very different appearance but we also had contrast in character. She seems to be a daydreamer while I’m practical. We even don’t have any hobbies in common, while I like Hollywood thriller or comedy movies, she only likes to watch teenagers Taiwan drama, while American punk rock is my indulgence, she is only interested in Vietnamese pop music. We are totally different from each other, so in daily lives, we don’t talk much to each other, not that I’m or she is reseverd, we just don’t have anything to say. But that’s not the problems; the only disaster only comes when the night falls down. Her manner of sleeping is really irritating. She turns herself a lot and she often throw her arms and legs on me and there’s one time when she put her arms on my neck making me choke up, it’s terrible! And one time, I was kiched out of the bed fell on the floor.What ‘s worse? She snores so loudly that I can’t sleep, I’m really tired the next morning...
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