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Topics: Employment, Tests, Identity theft Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Unit 8 Project

Courtney Cook
June 12, 2010
Employment and Staffing
Dr. Sherri Beasley

Background checks are a useful tool for employers to determine the fit of a candidate to the organization. They pull up any issues or discrepancies that may not have been provided by the candidate during the interview. It is very important that during the interview, the candidate is advised that there will be a background and reference check conducted so that they cannot say they did not know. After the background check has come back, the interviewer needs to decide whether or not to hire the candidate. How do the results of the background check influence your decision to hire the applicant? Do you still hire the applicant, despite the results of the background check? Explain.

The results of the background check show that Ms. Cook has previously been arrested and charged with the possession of illicit drugs on one occasion. This information had not been disclosed during the interview, which creates a little hesitation in proceeding with the hiring process. Using controlled substances in this line of work is not the best for the company or its employees. We need a supervisor who is dedicated to the job and does not let stress affect their judgment or ability to make decisions. She cannot resort to drugs in order to cope and handle the problems that occur on the job. Even though the results of the background check were not exactly favorable or appealing, I would hire Ms. Cook based on the fact that she knows what she is doing and can lead and manage a team very well. She is also dedicated and diligent, and will put her best foot forward when it comes to her job. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves a second chance, and if she does not let her personal problems interfere with the job she is supposed to do, then I feel that she will be a strong supervisor for the night shift. What specific legal guidelines are provided for this specific scenario? Would it...
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