Overview of the Information Systems Table

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Overview of Information Systems Table

Information Systems Types
Description / Benefits
Example of Each (Including Vendor Name / Vendor Website)
How have you seen them used in your organization or an organization that you are familiar with? 1. Databases
Systems that store & organize large amts of information. Quick and easy access to info. Wikipedia: www.wikipedia.org
Our customer database is used daily, in our business we use Quickbooks. 2. Networks
Group of computers connected together to shar information.
A good example is AOL which was one of the first and largest networks. Now we have worldwide social networks. www.aol.com
Our computers & printers are all on our work network.
3. eBusiness
A company doing business online or electronically.
Any business that you can find online is an example of an eBusiness. www.amazon.com
We make purchases online all of the time. On top of that we pay most of our bills online as well. 4. Wireless
Having no wires to connect
Wireless phones, routers, laptops, Bluetooth
We used wirless phones, wi-fi for customer area
5. Social Media
A form of advertising to the masses via social networks
Twitter, TMZ, Facebook, Instagram, etc
We used any and every method of social marketing as long as its free 6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
A system for managing customer/potential customer interactions Salesforce.com
A friend of mine uses this on a daily bases to track all interactions with clients. 7. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
The management of the flow of goods. Tracks all movement of goods, inventory, etc. www.coke.com
We have a company that sub-contracts our business and they use a product designed by Orcale to manage and track their product. 8. Business Intelligence
Tools and special techniques businesses use to convert data into useful information. Google analytics...
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