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Topics: Social network, Sociology, Internet Pages: 3 (747 words) Published: January 25, 2014
SOC3116- March 6th

Social networks- Learning objectives:

1. To highlight that (social) networking is both a response to the result of the techs that we have at our disposal. 2. To recognize that todays networks have tremendous economic value that flows to other rather than the network. 3. To underscore that contemporary social networks provide industry with an abundance of info about us-info that we are often perceive as private or personal.

Identify article in first sentence
What your focusing on in the article. Define the topic. Theres a discussion of that and heres what im looking at.

6 independently ressources. Academic- written by people in universities. Published in academic journal. Word journal in the title.

Two bibliographies: Academic (6) and non bibliographie . everything has to be cited and in the bibliography.

10 pages.. 9 is okay… or 11. No footnotes.. Use N notes if u want.

Its not about what you think. Your ability to take other peoples work together. Your judgement and articulating it in the essay.

Google scholar= find references

Marissa myer- from google to CEO of apple. Has just come forward to say that working at home is not been productive. Creativity arises in the office.

Personal info of people using google..

Social networks
Difference between social network and social group:
Networks: Your connected to people by the people you know but you don’t know everyone. It is also much larger. Social group: you know everyone. More social capital. Certain people that are good to know. Large network. Your expanding the size of your network by their network. Some people are better connected than others.

Social networking, political networks and much more.
Social networks starting from the stand point of West Union and telegraph- linking those networks up. You broaded your network. Same applies with respect to the internet. The scale is so much greater and higher. The...
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