International HRM Major Assignement

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International Human Resource Management

Case 2: Quality Compliance at the Hawthorn Arms

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Dr. Errol Muir

Alistair Mackay has recently been appointed as Director of Personnel Development for Trianon, which is an Anglo-French company that specialises in avionics. Trianon has just entered a joint-venture agreement with a government backed Hungarian firm. Alistair’s job is to recommend someone for the role of Quality Compliance manager.

Given what you know about the firm from the case, outline a general recruitment and selection process for Trianon. Describe how your proposed process fits with ‘best’ selection practices as well as the strategic needs of the company.

The instructions that were given to Alistair seem to be rather unclear, which makes it difficult to establish a specific recruitment and selection process in order to find the appropriate candidate. However based on Trianon’s reasons for entering the joint venture agreement we can assume the following requirements will be needed. Primarily the candidate will have to have a knowledge and understanding of the language and culture, government and laws. Secondly the candidate will have to be able to work well with people. Considering that several companies and government will be involved in this international deal, the quality compliance manager would need to be able to resolve any issues or disagreements between parties. The candidate will also need to have a good technical background to be able to make future decisions. Finally, the candidate should have the best interests of the company at heart. Trianon will have to consider the following things below in order to make the right recruitment and selection and to avoid expatriate failure:

Establishing International Employment

Barille and Cameron (2007, p. 212) state that determining human resource needs is an ongoing process for HR managers. Trianon must forecast and plan for the future. Their HR or IHR planning should include a job analysis, which then results in the production of the job description (refer to appendix). A job analysis simply identifies the contents. It requires a detailed observation and evaluation of the work and qualifications necessary. Where as the job description outlines the specific tasks that are required to be completed, such as the purpose, skills and responsibilities. This is crucial if Trianon want recruit and select the right candidate for the three-year assignment in order to complete it effectively and efficiently. Not only does it help eliminate the candidates that don’t meet the selection criteria but it makes the interview process a lot faster and easier, which in the company’s case its needed as they have 5-6 weeks to appoint the new Quality Compliance Manger.

International Staffing and Approaches

Shen & Edwards (2004) state that ‘Staffing is a major strategic IHRM practice that MNEs have used to help co-ordinate and control their far-flung global operations and is concerned with who is going to run the various geographically dispersed operations’. This is essential for Trianon to establish early as many MNE’s find it difficult to find someone with the correct knowledge of the local markets, and their organisational experience. Through staffing comes the recruitment and selection process and with that comes the different type of staffing approach the company will take when employing a candidate. These include:

Dowling, Festing and Engle (2008, p. 80) state that an ethnocentric approach is where ‘Few foreign subsidiaries have any autonomy and strategic decisions are made at head quarters’. Under this approach, the parent nation employees fill all key positions in a multinational enterprise. This means that headquarters employees hold both domestic and foreign key positions. Staff from the home country manages subsidiaries.

The lack of qualified...

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