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Overview of Information Systems Table

Information Systems Types
Description / Benefits
Example of Each (Including Vendor Name / Vendor Website)
How have you seen them used in your organization or an organization that you are familiar with? 1. Databases
Stores information electronically/ holds everyone data from their personnel records and can be accessed from multiple computers I-PERMS
I-PERMS is a database that holds all military personnel records 2. Networks
When many computer systems are linked together to share files and internet RCAS or a LAN
RCAS is the network for the military
3. eBusiness
Information for a business that is ran through the internet and can be ran anywhere no matter where someone is locates Gander Mountain
This is used with alomost every company that is in retail
4. Wireless
Transfer of information from one to the next device that is not connected. Werizon wireless
Wireless is used in everything that we do with smartphones from personal to work related actions. Searching the internet, sending a email or sending a text message. 5. Social Media
Interaction between people socially through virtual networks and communities Facebook
I use facebook on a daily basis to see what friends are doing, talk with friends and family and even to catch up on some news or sporting events. 6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Professionally selling services to their customers, Always willing to help, consult and assist with the services needed Chase Bank
Having the ability to go to your bank and consult for financial advise or assistance 7. Supply Chain Management (SCM)
This is managing the flow of a companies goods Such as raw materials, inventory and finished goods. Fed-Ex
I use Fed-Ex and UPS all the time to ship things and to receive shipments from places such as...
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