Organizational Behavior

Topics: Similarity, A New Beginning, Cycle Pages: 2 (621 words) Published: February 28, 2015
Professor Michelle Beshears
Organizational Behavior MG365
15 February 2015

1.    The effective and ineffective cycles are similar in some ways, although they have opposite effects. What are the similarities? What are the effects of each? Share your personal experiences with both of these cycles.

Some of the similarities between the two cycles are that subordinates, more often than not, appear to do what they believe they are expected to do. They both are also dynamic affects; positive expectations produces higher productivity and lower expectations result in low performance. I have a Marine in my shop right now that is direct supervisor has no confidence in him and has low expectations of him. He rarely assigns him any work and since nothing is truly expected of him he rarely does anything that he isn’t directly told to do. On the other hand I have a young Marine that has recently been promoted to a supervisor position and since she has been with me for 2 years now she knows how I work and what I expect of her. I give her small tasks that I know she can handle and give her freedom of movement with them and as she accomplishes them with ease I add more responsibility to her plate. As I put more on her shoulders she took it and performed exceptionally. It was all slowly though a slow and steady positive developmental cycle.

2.    Your business has announced that they will be closing one of three distribution centers.  As the manager of the largest of these centers, you know that your employees will be concerned about their futures.  Discuss how you would apply Lewin’s change process to get them to buy into this change.

Change is never easy for anyone, people fear the unknown because they are used to a certain way. In this situation it is essential to unfreeze peoples perspectives about how we used to do things in our old distribution center. I would get them ready for a new beginning by motivating them into understanding that this change will be...
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