HRM 587 Final Exam 2

Topics: Government, Organization, Management Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: September 21, 2014

TCO A: The organization is planning to make a substantial change to the compensation and benefits program for the next fiscal year. This change will impact all branches of the organization throughout the U.S. Eight thousand employees will be required to move from the very popular existing total rewards program to the new system. A compensation study determined that most employees will need updated position titles and salary bands. A. Compile the change management imperatives that will go into making this a successful change project. B. Construct a set of strategies that managers can use to help employees cope with complex change. C. Persuade the managers involved in this change that the imperatives that you identified and the strategies to help employees cope with change will help them manage the complex realities of this change project. (Points: 30)

TCO B: You are the Director of Change Management, and it is expected that you can read the corporate change “tea leafs” and have a model for change and an approach to plan change when the need arises. A. Construct a model of change that reflects the reality of change in modern organizations and reflects your beliefs about change. B. Think of an organizational change that you believe should be implemented in an organization where you work now, or one you worked for in the past. Create a plan to implement change by integrating your change model. C. Plan a system to measure how your model will impact the organization.

TCO C: Put this scenario into the context of an organization where you work now or did in the past. Your organization has recently (past two months) hired a new VP of Marketing and she is trying to understand the various types of changes that might impact the organization in the future. This is important to know, as it is hard to develop a strategic vision for the Marketing Department without first considering how things might look in the future. A. Evaluate the various types...
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