Organizational Behavior

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Organizational Behavior: Article Critiques
Have you ever wondered why individuals act and react the way they do? A lot of this is due to circumstance and surroundings. Some individuals may have a hard time separating their work life with their home life, therefore causing a conflict in both environments. Organizational behavior is a multi-disciplinary study that concentrates on attitudes and behaviors of individuals within an organization (Schermerhorn, 2008). The main goal of this study is the application of other behavioral sciences to rectify issues that may be occurring. Understanding organizational behavior is beneficial to all individuals within an organization, not just the management team or those in leadership roles. When all employees understand this type of knowledge, they possess the ability to recognize how their actions contribute an issue, and to the organization’s overall goal. This essay will critique two articles pertaining to organizational behavior. The first article being critiqued is Balancing a Vacation and a Busy Office, by Eilene Zimmerman, published in The New York Times (2012). Eilene interviewed Carol Sladek at Aon Hewitt in Chicago to get her take on the importance of work and the benefits of a vacation from work. In her article, Ms. Zimmerman addressed three main points in her article: balance, planning, and teamwork. In terms of balance, Ms. Sladek states that balance between work and life is healthy for individuals, especially when work does not always take precedence (Zimmerman, 2012). The article goes on to mention that vacations are good for individuals regardless of whether they are personal vacations or professional vacations (Zimmerman, 2012). Day-to-day distractions and ongoing concerns take a toll on individuals, in which stress, frustration, and weariness build over time. A vacation takes the individual away from these situations and allows them to return to work refreshed and renewed, kind of like hitting...

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