Organizational Behavior

Topics: Big Five personality traits, Leadership, Conflict Pages: 15 (5325 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Organizational Behaviour and Management
Executive Summary
I. Conflicts and Resolutions1
1. The Situation1
1.1. Interpersonal conflict1
1.2. Intrapersonal conflict2
2. The Subordinate's Strategies2
2.1. Accommodation - the implemented one3
2.2. Competing strategy4
2.3. Avoiding strategy4
2.4. Compromising strategy5
2.5. Collaborating strategy5
2.6. Recommendations6
3. The Supervisor's Leadership7
3.1. Leader traits – the OCEAN of personality7
3.2. Leadership grid and path-goal theory8
3.3. Charismatic approach10
3.4. Levels of Leadership10
3.5. Conclusion11
II. Conflicts in Walmart11
1.Interest conflicts12
1.1.Low wages and poor working conditions12
1.2.Inadequate health care12
1.3.Anti-union policies13
2.Cultural conflicts13
Reference Listi

Executive Summary
The assignment consists of a workplace scenario and analysis of Walmart organization regarding the common topic of working conflicts and their resolution. The first part of the assignment concerns about the situation between an experience subordinate (assumed as Adam) and his domineering supervisor, Johansen. There are two levels of conflict involved, intrapersonal conflict which happens in the subordinate’s mind while the interpersonal conflict happens directly between two individuals. In handling his supervisor, the subordinate chose to implement accommodation style, which he let Johansen’s wishes rule the context and is now facing the bad result of these directions. Through thorough analysis of other alternatives, collaboration strategy rises as the best suitable style which the subordinate should choose over accommodation; collaborating style can help Adam to solve the root of the problem as well as establishing the trust relationship between them. However, in order to use effectively this method, it is required that he needs to understand the ‘real’ interests and goals of both sides as well as finding a proper way to leverage his weak managerial position against his supervisor’s. On other hand, the supervisor’s leadership seems to be not appropriate since among OCEAN traits he has low openness to change, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism. Johansen also appears task-oriented due to his low concern about others but high concern about his duty. Besides, his directive style of leader does not prove its effectiveness by bad combination with the subordinate’s ability and the nature of work-setting. With his domineering characteristic along with his not being keen on discussing but lack of ability of setting vision for change, he can be considered as noncharismatic leader. Overall, even though he seems to have both front-line and operational level of leadership, his features and behaviours shows that Johansen does not have enough suitability for executing his leadership. The final part of assignment is about Walmart’s handling conflicts. To sustain its great impact on the economy, Walmart needs to take care of its interest conflicts as well as cultural diversification. The multinational company have resolved these difficulties by various type of settlement such as compromising compensation, extrinsic and intrinsic staff motivation. Eventually, Walmart has proved its ability of a top firm by transforming the disadvantageous matter into its new source of ideas and working effectiveness.

I. Conflicts and Resolutions
It is necessary to analyze the situation in order to understand the subordinate’s chosen and recommended strategies in handling the supervisor as well as the supervisor’s leadership in the context. To lessen the complex among genders at work, it is assumed that the subordinate ‘you’ is a male sale executive, named Adam. Besides, since it is said that the supervisor and the subordinate only have not been getting along well for the past year, it is assumed that this supervisor is newer compared to Adam’s seven-year working for the...
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