organizational behavior

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1. Is American Flatbread using a traditional approach to motivation, a human relations approach, or a human resource approach? Explain. American Flatbread is using the combination of a human relations and human resource approach. The management believes that contribution and participation would enhance motivation. They also believe that people would want to contribute anything of importance for the good of the organization. Schenk injects and contributes a sense of realness, fun, relating to the company’s mission, and recognizing beauty; all of these were his manners of applying human relations approach. Human resource approach is applied by the encouragement of the people to bring ideas because a person could not do everything all by himself. The more an organization works together, the stronger the company will get, which results to effectiveness and efficiency of work. Community efforts and recognition for every individual’s work would lead to employee perceptions of equity. The people should believe that they are equally capable of providing useful ideas, thus a manager should recognize and appreciate their efforts, and imply followership because being a good leader means being a good follower.

2. What worker needs, if any, are satisfied by working at American Flatbread? What needs, of any, are not satisfied? By working at American Flatbread, physiological, security, belongingness and esteem needs are satisfied. First, physiological and security needs are satisfied because they receive enough benefits from the company which is enough for them to stay and work in the company, otherwise, the workers would have definitely fled and searched for another higher-paying job. Second, belongingness is satisfied because the company applies human relations approach to motivate them. Schenk treats his employees of high and low positions equally. He recognizes the...
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