Organization Behavior

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Organization Behavior
Organization Behavior
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Introduction 2
LO 1: Understanding the relationship between organizational structure and culture 3 1.1 Compare and contrast different organizational structures and cultures 3 1.2 Explain how the relationship between organization’s structure and culture can impact on the overall performance of the business. 6 1.3 Discuss the factors which influence individual behavior at work. 7 LO 3: Understand ways of using motivational theories in organizations. 9 3.1 Discuss the impact that different leadership styles may have on motivation in organizations in periods of change. 9 3.2 Compare the application of different motivational theories in the workplace of one of the organizations selected. 10 3.3 Evaluate the usefulness of motivation theories you have identified above for managers. 10 Conclusion 11

The two banks I have chosen for this assignment are HNB and Seylan Bank. Hatton National Bank, or also known as HNB, has been around in the country for over 120 years. It is recognized for its experience, expertise, skills and humanity, resulting in a responsible bank working for the Sri Lankan people. The bank visions itself as a leader, able to provide financial solutions through inspired people. The HNB is not simply a bank but a financial firm. It has introduced new things to the country by having two local subsidiaries; HNB Assurance and Sithma Development. The alliance of the HNB and DFCC started the program of Acuity Partners. The bank has remarkable international relationships as well. Oman, UAE, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia and the Philippines are a few countries who opened their doors to HNB. It has a total of over 300 Correspondent Banks worldwide, making it the first and only bank in Sri Lanka to have been listed under the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. They have been recognized as The Banker as the Bank of the Year twice over and they have also won numerous other local and global awards. In this way they have flourished during challenging times and have gained the trust and respect of the people in the nation. Seylan Bank started in 1987, with the aim to build a strong bank with equally strong subsidiaries serving the needs of all its customers within and outside Sri Lanka. During its 25 years of service it has established a strong network with 116 branches, island wide. It is often called as The Bank with a Heart, for they work towards the people’s best interest in mind. LO 1: Understanding the relationship between organizational structure and culture 1.1 Compare and contrast different organizational structures and cultures a) HNB organizational structure:

When I went to visit the HNB, they informed me that they are not allowed to hand over the organization’s structure to outsiders. But, they gave me a brief general outline of it, though it differs from department to department. From what they told me, it is supposed to be a very tall structure since once an employee joins HNB, they don't leave. Their turnover rate is very low. Therefore, they have a very tall structure to keep all employees. The following diagram is how I saw the way the organization is structured. TRAINEE BANKING ASSISTANT (Lowest level)

b) Seylan Bank organizational structure:
However, Seylan Bank gave me its structure and it is been displayed below. First I’ll talk about the similarities of both banks.
* Business operations of both organizations are the same, both being banks. * Both banks have a formal structure structured according to functions as seen above. * Both banks have a board of directors who take overall decisions for the bank. Following these orders is the CEO with the respective departments under him. * Organizations’ departments are divided by its function. Work is being delegated...
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