Business 101

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Final Examination

Chapter 9: 2,7,9

2. Describe the motivation process

Motivating is the management process influencing people’s behavior based on this knowledge of what makes people “tick”. Motivating and motivation both deal with the range of conscious human behavior somewhere between two extremes - reflex actions and learned actions. (Ferrell, P. 269.)7.What is Theory Z? How can businesses apply Theory Z to the workplace? Theory Z is a Japanese consensus management style based on the assumptions that employees want to build cooperative relationships with their employers, peers, and other employees in the firm; for this they require high degree of support in the form of secure employment and facilities for development of multiple skills through training and job rotation, they value family life, culture and traditions, and social institutions as much as material success, they have well-developed sense of dedication, moral obligations, and self-discipline, and they can make collective decisions through consensus. As a guideline, there are broadly seven strategies for motivation.
Positive reinforcement / high expectations
Effective discipline and punishment
Treating people fairly
Satisfying employees needs
Setting work related goals
Restructuring jobs
Base rewards on job performance These are the basic strategies, though the mix in the final 'recipe' will vary from workplace situation to situation. (
9.Name and describe some flexible scheduling strategies. How can flexible schedules help motivate workers?

Many U.S. workers work a traditional 40-hour work week consisting of 5 to 8 hour days with fixed starting and ending times. Facing problems of poor morale and high absenteeism as well as a diverse workforce with changing needs, many managers have turned to flexible scheduling strategies such as flextime, compressed work weeks, job sharing, part-time work, and

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