Report on Traing N Development

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Training and Development in ICICI Bank

It is the largest private sector bank in India. It has a huge network of 2,528 branches and about 6,000 ATMs in India and a presence in 19 countries including India. It employs around 36,000 employees.

ICICI bank views and values human resource as a key source of competitive advantage. Consequently the development and management of human capital is an essential element of their strategy and an important management activity.

The rapidly changing business environment in banking sector and the constant challenges it poses to organizations and businesses make it imperative to continuously enhance and improve knowledge and skill sets across the organization. ICICI Bank believes that building a learning organization is critical for being competitive in products and services and meeting customer demands and achieving customer satisfaction.

The Bank has built strong capabilities in training and development to build competencies across various sectors. Training on products and operations is imparted through internet-based training modules. Special programmes on functional training and leadership development are conducted to build knowledge as well as management ability at a dedicated training facility.

ICICI Bank also learns from the best available training programmes and faculty, both international and domestic, to meet its training and development needs and build globally benchmarked skills and capabilities.

Its Human Resource base has following prominent features:

Human Resource (HR) practices high leveraging on technology.

HR Development is used as a critical activity for healthy culture building.

It has a fine tuned recruitment process that identifies among other things an individual’s degree of customer orientation.

Training and Development in ICICI Bank is referred to the team of employees in the Human Resource department who are responsible for such activities. Training and Development is headed by a senior-level officer (who is a member of the executive team) - Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO).

Training and Development process in the ICICI bank is considered essential for the progress and growth of the bank. Since, inadequate training and employee errors constitute a major operational risk for the bank. Methodology used in gathering information

The group prepared a questionnaire which is attached in the Appendix 1. The questions listed in the questionnaire were asked by us to the HR manager of Cochin branch of the ICICI bank Mr. Avinash Chandran.

He very comprehensively answered the nuances of training and development process followed by the bank. Some of the things he described include Criteria for selection of T&D methods, its salient features, new initiatives taken and their results etc. He also pointed out some of the shortcoming of the process. All these points are covered in the report along with the groups’ analysis and recommendations.

Since we can get only regional level of information from Cochin’s branch manager, we referred Internet for the national practise followed by the bank, all over the country and abroad. We also analyzed the reasons for the existing differences between regional level and national level practises. This is described in the sections on levels of authority and role of corporate HR and field HR.

The group also conducted interviews of the employees , of almost all the ranks like cashier, accountant, core banking in charge, maintenance and security personnel etc. present in the Kunnamangalam branch of ICICI bank We have tried to summarise all our findings in the report. Levels of authority in Training and Development

After interviewing group identified four levels of authority in the human resource practise followed by the bank

Corporate level HR

This is the central level of Human Resource officer. Their main job includes laying out HR policies to be followed by the bank after observing recent...
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