Operating System and Class Scheduling

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Chapter I

1. Introduction

Nowadays, various systems expand in different areas of specialization. Most of them created by the demand and to give solutions on common problems encountered by the society. Being organized on everything makes our work fast and efficient.

Lyceum of Alabang, one of those educational institutions uses a traditional Class Scheduling System wherein the students need to exert more effort looking for their schedule. The students needs to look or to check all the rooms in the campus if it isn’t conflict on their subjects so when the day of the classes starts, there are times where the subject schedule are needed to be changed, so students didn’t sure if that revised schedule fits on them, otherwise, subject will be dropped. When it comes on the class list sometimes this cannot be monitored if it has already have a maximum number of head counts. Having this unorganized kind of method, it takes more than an hour before the student becomes officially enrolled.

With these problems in mind, the development of Class Scheduling System serves as one solution to those common problems we encountered. Having a system like this reduces cost of time in finding subject schedule that fits for the students. This system also aims to monitor the class list and subject’s schedule. For the Dean, it can provide them the block lists of the students enrolled to a particular subject and easily submit the records to the registrar through the network. For the Registrar, this system provides a way to monitor the students who are officially enrolled and the subjects to be added or to be dropped. And since it only needs 2 person and 2 computers to maintain this kind of system.

1.2 Objectives of the Study

General Objectives

This study aimed to develop the Class Scheduling System for Lyceum of Alabang to expedite the Class Scheduling System.

Specific Objectives

1. To design an effective, reliable and efficient Class Scheduling System.

2. To create a system using UML Software Development Tool.

3. To test and improve the system primarily based on user’s requirements.

4. To evaluate the system using ISO/IEC 9126.

5. To provide documentation and user’s manual reports.

3. Scope and Limitation

The study will speed up the various processes of enlisting and scheduling management practices of Lyceum of Alabang. The implementation of the program will be directed by these challenges, will be discussed, analyzed and improved through its own limitation. The perspective of the respondents will be studied and analyzed to determine the reliability and affectivity of the proposed system.

The research study concentrates mainly on the problem encountered by the Registrar’s Office, the Dean’s Office and the Student’s of Lyceum of Alabang. The program would be developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Office Excel, with the implementation of Computer Networking (Client/Server & LAN) Architecture. The system runs at least under Windows XP Operating System. It also focuses on developing a database file management system which can be used in applying safety procedures in certain files. It provides all the Student’s Master’s List and also the subject schedules. It also includes login security with two users such as the Registrar & Dean.

1.4 Conceptual Model of the Study

The figure below shows how the conceptual framework of this study will be developed based from the study’s objectives, related theories and concepts derived from the review of related literature.


5. Significance of the Study

The study focus on the development of Class Scheduling System which will generally help the student in finding the schedules, the room and also the professor of the subjects enrolled. This system would also...
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