Integrated College Enrollment System

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Integrated College Enrollment System (I.C.E.)

  The ICE system is a client/server-based information system and a product of more than 10 years system development life cycle. It relies on free and open source technologies to deliver the best proven solution at zero cost. The system is comprised of the following modules:

  1. Administrator Module
   - Creates and manage user accounts for ICE modules
   - Creates student accounts for grade verification
   - Keeps an audit trail of user transactions
  2. Collector Module
   - Handles collections of enrollment fees.
   - Processes exam permits.
   - Generates collection reports and receipts of payment.   3. Registrar Module
   - Prints out certificate of registrations, evaluation sheets, exam permits, grade cards, and various enrollment reports.    - Builds and print transcript of records.
   - Validates subjects taken from other schools.
   - Overrides subject prerequisites and maximum load units.    - Creates grade submission accounts.
   - Validates printed copy of grade sheets.
   - Blocks students with liabilities.
  4. Scheduler Module
   - Enrolls subjects in the prescribed curriculum. Conflict class schedules are detected and avoided.    - Clones student class schedule.
   - Updates student's adviser and program of study.
   - Displays comprehensive student information.
  5. Assessor Module
   - Defines tuition and miscellaneous fees, billing profiles, and scholarship billing.    - Assesses and monitors student fees.
   - Generates billable and collectible accounts and summary of fees.    - Blocks students with liabilities.
  6. Controller Module
   - Defines school directory, faculty members, subjects, subject prerequisites, composites, class room, class section, and schedule template.    - Defines course prospectus and course master list.

   - Manages course offerings, reservations, class scheduling, and...
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