Augmented Sectioning and Scheduling System

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Augmented sectioning and scheduling system

The Problem and its Background
Technology innovation has influenced man’s work, from data processing, business transactions, research, planning monitoring, school works, office works almost all are already dependent through technology. And computer is one of the greatest evidence of such that’s the reason why the use of computer is widespread in the society. As a result, a lot of people are now engaging to it and us becoming more literate to computers. Computers perform wide variety of activities reliably, accurately and quickly. Manual systems are now developed into computerized system, but this computerized system has now evolved. In our society today there is now also what we call automated system. It is a system that makes our lives much better and easier. Automated system is something that deals with saving man power. Through the system of automation we don’t need too much people, too much time to finish a work all we need is the system itself. See how fast the technologies evolved and people still find newer ways to make this again better. The main advantages of having an automated system are; first, it increased throughput or productivity, since it was automated, it is not time consuming. Second, it improved quality or increased predictability of quality. Third, it will enhance robustness (consistency), of processes or product. Fourth, it also amplified consistency of output. Lastly this will reduced direct human labor costs and expenses. This study will be discussing about how scheduling and sectioning system can be further develop. The computerized system is already good but there were still missing in the process of Tomas Del Rosario College High school. The process of enrolment in this school is quite time consuming and needs too much workers. They need different coordinators per year level for the process of sectioning of students, another coordinator for the teacher’s information and another coordinator for the rooms and the whole manual drafting. We will be proposing that, instead of posting schedules and sections in a bulletin board it would be better if the section and schedules will be available right after the students were enrolled. There will be computer programs that have the collection of the information needed every school year. The system will be quite automated somehow for the convenience of the teachers and students of Tomas del Rosario College High School. Background of the Study

During the late 1940's, a promising seed of idea germinated in the mind of Mr. Jose Jimenez - an educator from Talisay, Balanga Bataan. His desire to put a private school as a response to the growing educational needs of the province compelled him to seek out people who shared his vision. It was Mr. Jimenez himself, Miss Damiana Banzon, Dr. Jose Banzon Sr. and Manuel Guevarra who finalized and concretized the plan in founding the institution. It took pooling of resources, hard work and dedication to this noble and enormous vision for this to be realized. On June 10, 1950, Tomas del Rosario Academy came into existence. Its beginning was humble for it merely rented an old building at Zulueta Street. In 1951, it boosted only 11 high school graduates during its first commencement exercises and its first batch of teachers were but few for at its inception, it offered only a complete secondary course. Mr. Jimenez who became its first principal perpetuated the virtue of discipline, integrity and competence in school. These qualities later became the trademark of Tomas del Rosario - and like the person to whom it forerunners chose the name the institution, through the years, it has proven itself to be anything but humble. After Mr. Jimenez, Mr. Flaviana Garduce became the acting principal for a year. She was succeeded by Mrs. Maura Peña who later was promoted as school director. It was Mr. Romulo Triguero who took the reins of the secondary department in...
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