Sat and Test Result

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Review of Related Literature
In this chapter the related topics and information regarding this study. The J.H Cerilles State College entrance exams to measure and compare the student’s ability to college level work with other student applicants from various school. It ability is also an instrument designed to measure potential college performance, block section category, remedial class participation and scholarship qualification. Entrance exams are not the only criteria the admission committee looks at after consideration. It also looks at the students’ performance in high school, submitted application materials with essays, recommendation, interviews and student extra-curricular activities. Many colleges requires or recommend that students

All of us dreams to have things as fast as the development of technology. Nowadays, people came to touch computers in the sense that it can make their work easier, convenient, and faster and many others which involve computerization techniques. Computer help the society function in many ways. As we go in our studies computer age work in companies, business sectors, educational sectors and other sectors throughout the world.

College Admission Test Result is one of the major factor that the students can enrolled in this institution. Its plays a crucial role in motivating the students to learn and develop her knowledge. In this Result period teachers found complexity, especially in posting the records of the students who are qualified to enroll in this institution. Since the Admission test result used computer to record, there is easy retrieval of data. Thus a student’s difficult to find their names listed above. To avoid that, they check the names of the students, which sometimes their names are being interchange.

Recent advancement in Test Result technologies and professor has transformed the contemporary Test Result to a modern information center. Test Result is clearly toward the idea of making information available and quickly teaching the public. Thus, the researcher proposed for the computerization of Dumingag Zamboanga del Sur. Thus the study, titled “College Admission Test” was conducted in order to develop a computerized Admission Test Result. It suggests the system or application to allow institutions administration to computerize the process of Test Result of the student who wishes to participate in exam with in the application school administrators. The system make accurate and an easy process of administering the student Test Result. This whole process is accomplished through web based interfaces. The interact can be regarded as cheaper and improved version of the self education resources. The manual procedure used for counting the test result is time consuming process and error phone due to human limitation. Security Excellent performance and efficient Flow are the issue concerning this study. 1.1STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This study “College Admission Test” is a computerized Admission Test Result. Where in the problem of this system is that the submission of the Test Result was being late and the student’s names are being interchange. 1.2 OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

The study aimed to design a College Admission Test, which display the students result. 1.3SCOPE AND LIMITATION OF THE STUDY
The study is merely focused on the computerized of the College Admission Test Result at JHCSC-Dumingag, Dumingag Zamboanga del sur and this includes student’s names, Total score and examination Result. Entries in the student name, school and year. This system can save, edit, delete and search particular data. This program is more reliable and accessible with regards to the existing internet. It can help us in recording and authenticating purposes. The program can help on how to understand a computerized base system which we are using now a days. 1.4SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY

Some teacher found...
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