Sociology and Social Disorganization Social

Topics: Sociology, Society, Institution Pages: 4 (976 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Society, Culture and Information Technology
AY 2012 – 2013
Main Topics|
Social Problems|
Society and Poverty|
Unemployment and Underemployment|
Drug Abuse|
Graft and Corruption|
Family Planning|
History of Info Tech and the Internet|
Social and Political Promise and the Risk of a Wired & Wireless World/ Culture & Cyberspace| |

Classroom Conduct and Grading System|
1. Attendance * Seat plan: Each student must find their own permanent seat for entire semester. Attendance will be checked according to their seat plans. * Checking of attendance: Before the class will start * Late: 15 minutes after the class starts (ex. 9:00 Class Starts – 9:16 Late) * Absent: 30 minutes after the class starts ( 9:31 absent)| 2. Wearing of School Uniform * No complete school uniform (ID, Uniform, Shoes) No entry! * You cannot attend the class; you’ll be forwarded to Sir Eugene.| 3. Section Head * Every subject must have a section head (elected, chosen by their classmates) * Responsibilities: * Keeping of records or supplementary notes * Dissemination of announcements * Spokesperson of the class| 4. Trivia Game * Additional learning tool that can give more knowledge about the subject * The instructor will give a trivia about the topic and the student must also present their own trivia * One or two volunteer| 5. Grading and Points * Oral Participation: * Everyone will be given a chance to talk * Instructor will randomly pick a card (index card with student’s name) * Those who will volunteer will also be recognized * One can use any form of language like English, Filipino or Bisaya * Quizzes: * Quizzes will be given right after a session (one week) * Long quizzes are all announced *...
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