Officer Candidate Exam

Topics: Sergeant, Squad, Command pattern Pages: 2 (277 words) Published: September 20, 2011
Imus Junior Police Force
Officer Candidate Examination

Name:Score: /100

Test 1: Tactical Command (draw the final result of the following commands) 10 points each 1st squad = O 2nd squad = * 3rd squad = X
1. (3 squads, 5 members each)
Humanay, 1st squad kanan harap, 6 steps forward, 3rd squad kaliwa harap, 6 steps forward, 1st squad, talikod harap, 1 step forward, 3rd squad 1 step forward, attention.

2. (3 squads, 6 members each)
Humanay, bukang talud-tod, dahap, 1st squad patakda, 1st squad pasulong, 1st squad liko sa kaliwa, 1st squad patakda, 3rd squad patakda, 3rd squad talikod harap, 3rd squad pasulong, 3rd squad liko sa kaliwa, 3rd squad kanang panig, 3rd squad pabalik, 3rd squad pihit-pakanan,3rd squad patakda, 1st and 3rd squad pulutong hinto, attention.

3. Write the commands to execute this formation ( maximum of 25 commands ) the lesser the better.

Test 2: Basic Commands 10 points (sa likod nalang isulat ang sagot) 1. Give 3 of the 5 number call commands
2. Corresponding command of execution for drillings
3. English of Siksikang pagitan
4. Drill equivalent of paluwag
5. What squad will go in between the other 2 squads in pihit paloob? 6. Dahap is equivalent to?
7. To 10. how to perform proper attention?

Test 3: Enumeration 20 points (sa likod nalang isulat ang sagot) 10 exercises
4 punishments
All IJPF ranks and corresponding insignia
Uniform Headgear
Test 4: Judgement Call and Command Decisions 20 points (essay) Explain kung paano nagiging importante ang judgement call at reserves, i-demo ito sa pamamagitan ng pagawa ng isang tactical exercise sa likod ng papel

I-Explain kung paano ka nagging deserving maging officer?
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