Traffic Congestion: An Urban Issue in Melbourne

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Analysis Of Findings4
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The topic that I will be researching on will be an urban issue regarding transportation and the main focus of the topic would be traffic related issues in Melbourne. There are 4 key objectives relating to the focus of the topic which are: 1. What are the main causes of traffic congestion?

2. How does traffic related issues affect people’s life every day? 3. Do freeways, highways and public transportation help to reduce traffic related issues? 4. What are the alternatives and strategies to reduce traffic congestion? The main reason why I chose this topic on traffic related issues in Melbourne is because it is an everyday hassle for one to encounter traffic congestion thus there is a sense of urgency that alternatives and strategies must be implemented to alleviate the situation. My group members are Jennifer Sun, Manish Sharma and Willis Hung Vo. Jennifer will be concentrating on objective 1, Manish will be focusing on objective 2, and Willis (Hung) on objective 3.

A total time of 120 hours of research was dedicated into conducting the survey over a span of 4 weeks. Our group focused mainly on primary and secondary research on our objectives. After liaising with my group members, we concluded that we will be utilizing various kinds of sources for our research as it will diversify our outcomes. The use of internet, books, newspapers and surveys are essential and vital for our references. Websites like Public Transport Victoria (PTV), VicRoads, RACV, Google Scholar and annual reports online will provide us with the information we require. Newspapers like The Age, The Herald Sun and mX regarding traffic-related issues will assist us with in-depth information. Video sources from YouTube with recent news reports regarding Melbourne’s traffic will also be beneficial to our research. In addition, we will be conducting surveys to commuters (mainly international students and workers) who travel frequently to the city for work and school on suggestions and ideas relating to traffic issues and how improvements can be made to alleviate the situation. Table 1: Primary Research survey on the mode of transportation people commute by

Analysis of findings:
Objective 1: What are the main causes of traffic congestion? Before conducting the research, Jennifer examined through the various articles that discusses about the traffic issue in Melbourne. However, it does not provide much detail in those articles. Therefore, Jennifer decided to do the research by observation during the day. According to Jennifer’s observation in Richmond (Swanston street and Bridge road), the main reason that causes traffic jams is trams and cars share the same roads. During the peak hours (morning: 8 am to 10 am; afternoon: 4 pm to 6 pm), each car have to cue in lines for amount of time just to wait the passengers to get on and get off from the tram. The situation is even worse when it is raining, the breakdown of tram or car accident. Once the trams and cars enter to city, they are separated into different lanes. No cars are allowed to drive on Swantson Street but only trams. Though the research, another reason for causing traffic jams is the inconvenient design of tram. Compare to the old trams (such as route 75), the new ones (such as route 109) have wider space that can carry more people and move faster also. Moreover, it is convenient for the elderly, disabled and physically challenged people, parents with baby carriage to get on and get off easily. However, most of the trams still remain the old design, only few lines have changed to new ones....
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