Battle Analysis Outline

Topics: Military, War, Armed forces Pages: 3 (517 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Battle Analysis Outline
1. Define the Subject
1. Who, What, Where, When
2. Resources used
1. Set the Stage
1. Consider the strategic factors
1. What caused the war?
2. Who were the opponents?
3. What were their war aims?
4. What armed forces did the nations possess?
5. How well trained, equipped, and armed were they? 6. Did any social, political, economic, or religious factors influence the armies? 1. Describe the operation setting

1. What campaign was the battle part of?
2. What were the objectives of the campaign?
3. Did any military factors-alliances, tactics, doctrine, or personal traits-affect the campaign? 4. How did the battle fit into the overall campaign? 1. Review the tactical situation – why a particular action was or was not taken 1. Study the area of operations

1. Weather – How did it affect the operation? 2. Terrain – Using OACOK, describe the terrain and what advantages were given to the attackers or defenders 2. Compare the opposing forces

1. Size & Composition
1. What were the principal combat and combat support units involved 2. Numerical strengths in terms of troops and key weapon systems 3. How were they organized?

1. Technology
1. What were the battlefield technologies? 2. Did one side have/obtain a technological advantage? 1. Logistical Systems
1. How did logistics affect the battle?
2. Did one side have a logistical advantage? 1. C3 (Command, Control & Communications) 1. Centralized or decentralized?...
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