Unit 10 Assignment 1

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Ruben Corrales
Unit 10 Assignment 1: Video Summary 8
Video 2.04 chkdsk (Check Disk)
Disk Options
Drive properties
Cross-linked Files: FAT Files that point to the same cluster. Cross-linked files are created as the computer is improperly shut down or an application abnormally aborts. For this video it reminded me that chkdsk used to be scandisk. Video 2.01 Windows Update

Security Center
Control panel access
Internet explorer access route
Video 2.10 Support Tools
The Dependency Walker
Dependency walker: troubleshoots faulty applications.
For this video, I have learned the name of the process I have used to repair applications. Video 2.15 DirectX Diagnostic tool
Run line access point / run line command
System tools access point
Dxdiag: DirectX multimedia program run code.
Video 4.01 Comparing LAN’s and WAN’s
Stand-alone computer
Peer-to-peer Network
Client server
LAN: Local Area Network
WAN: Wide Area Network
Work group: A peer-to peer network and all network computers. Domain: A type of client-server network that requires at least on server prompted to have the role of domain controller. In the Video 4.01, I learned that Local Area Networks cover a short distance, and that Wide Area Networks can cover miles. In addition, what the difference between a work group and a domain. I also learned that in a work group all network computers are equal. Video 4.10 Troubleshooting

Ping command
UDP( User Datagram protocol)
TCP (Transmission Protocol)
Terms/ commands
Tracert: Traces router hops to designation computer
NS(Name Server) Lookup: Resolves host name with Ip address and configured by the contents of the operating system file resolv.config Netstat: Statistics for TCP and UDP Connection Ports
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol):Creates cache of IP and MAC addresses Get MAC: looks up computers MAC address
I have learned some new terms from this video and how the commands are imperative to troubleshooting. I also learned the difference between UDP, TCP, and their roles in connecting to the internet. Video 4.11 WAN Technologies

Internet connections
Cable modem
POTS: Plain Old Telephone System
VoIP: Voice Over Ip
In video 4.11, I have learned how voice over ip is used.
Video 4.07 Ip Addresses
IP Classes
Subneting a network
Available host
Private IP addresses Network address translation server
ICS on home network
identifying parts of the IP address
how IP addresses are used
how to recognize a private address
the function of a NAT or the proxy server function
Octet: Is a part of information that equals eight bits
Subnet mask: Divides IP address into two parts the first part is the Network, The second part is the Host. NAT: Network Address Translation
ICS: Internet Connection Sharing
I have learned the IP class is determined by the first octet. And I also learned what the subnet mask role in networking.
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