Nike Markeing

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Marketing mix Pages: 7 (1349 words) Published: August 31, 2010


Level 5
BTEC Higher Nationals

Programme: Business Management

Module 1: Marketing



Date for Submission: 15th September 2010

To achieve a pass in this unit the learner must:

LO1: Investigate the concept and process of marketing

LO2:Explore the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning

LO3:Identify and analyse the individual elements of the extended marketing mix

LO4: Apply the extended marketing mix to different marketing segments and contexts

The purpose of this report is to apply your knowledge of marketing to Nike (a well known sports retailer). Your report should explain the concepts of marketing and illustrate segmentation, targeting and positioning using one of their products. Finally, you will analyse their marketing and devise a marketing mix for one of their products.

Your report should answer each of the following questions in turn:

Task 1 - Investigate the concept and process of marketing (LO1) 1a) Compare alternative definitions of marketing. You should use the key words from the definitions to formulate your own definition. 1b) Identify the main characteristics of a marketing oriented organisation and explain if you think Nike exhibit these characteristics. 1c) Compare the selling concept with the marketing concept- which one best describes Nike? 1d) Identify and assess the benefits and costs of implementing a marketing approach to Nike.

Task 2- Explore the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning (LO2) 2a) Identify and explain the relevance of 2 macro and 1 micro environmental factor to marketing undertaken by Nike. 2b) Propose 3 segmentation criteria and explain how Nike could use these criteria to segment the market for two of its products offered to different markets. 2c) State the target market you would choose for this product and explain why you think this target market would be attractive to Nike. 2d) Explain how Nike should take account of buyer behavior in their marketing activities.

Task 3- Identify and analyse the individual elements of the extended marketing mix. LO3 3a) Analyse how Nike gain competitive advantage through their products. 3b) Critically evaluate the distribution (place) strategy used by Nike for their products. Suggest ways in which it could be improved. 3c) Explain how the prices set by Nike reflect their objectives and market conditions. 3d) Comment on the effectiveness of their promotional strategy in helping Nike to meet their marketing objectives for their products. 3e) Outline how the additional elements of the extended marketing mix (People. Process, Physical Evidence) could be applied to Nike.

Task 4 Apply the extended ma
rketing mix to different marketing segments and contexts. (LO4) 4a) Choose one Nike PRODUCT and devise two marketing mixes for the product. Start your analysis by outlining two different market segments that the product is aimed at. 4b) Explain the differences in marketing products and services to organizations rather than consumers. 4c) Explain how and why international marketing differs from domestic marketing for Nike. Student Guidelines

1. You should write this assignment in report style, although a formal report structure will not be required.

2. You should use diagrams and tables of figures where appropriate ensuring to reference their source.

3. You should include a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system.

4. All tasks should be completed in the word limit of 2500 - 3000 words (for the WHOLE assignment) excluding contents page, tables of figures, diagrams, references list / bibliography pages and appendices. Recommended Additional Resources

Adcock D et al — Marketing Principles and Practice 4th Edition (Pitman Publishing, 2001) ISBN: 027364677X
Brassington F and Pettitt S — Principles of Marketing 3rd Edition (FT/Prentice Hall, 2003) ISBN:...
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