Neolithic Revolution

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!As the population began to increase,

people lived closer and they began to
interact with each other more. Diseases
would spread easily and there wasn’t
much medicine that could cure them.
The effects were devastating once they
were caught by a few people. People
were crammed into small areas and the
rubbish would
cause most of
the diseases.

Neolithic Revolution
Erika Clarry


!After the Neolithic Revolution some

people had time to do other things and
not gather food (like most people). This
allowed those people to come upon
new aspects of arts
such as pottery,
weaving, carpentry
and architecture.
This also helped
develop modern
day technology.

Before the Neolithic Revolution

!Before this revolution cave men lived

with their extended family - never
staying anywhere for more than a few
months. They spent all of their lives
searching for food and they never
owned anything that was compact
enough to fit in a pocket. They ran after
animals with a spear and that was their
main way to gather their food. The
change to the Neolithic way of life was
very effective and led to many of the
pleasures that we still enjoy today.


!During the Neolithic Revolution came
inequality and poverty. Poor people
took things from the rich to make
things equal and this caused security
forces to be ordered by the rich or
government to protect them. These
securities were very hard on the poor.
They created new laws such as land
ownership to help prevent conflicts.

Beginning of the Neolithic

!When the ice age ended, temperatures

in the Middle east increased and then
wild life and the environment heavily
began to grow. People figured out
which animals reacted well to being
domesticated. They created farms so it
made their lives much easier - without
the need to go hunting and gathering.



The Neolithic Revolution was
where cave men would travel in...
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