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Middle East

Mohanad Alharbi Middle East Middle East The middle east is characterized by several features that makes it a unique part of the world. The middle east is considered as the ancient world where the ancient Egyptians lived and built their magnificent pyramids.in addition, The Middle Eastern region, like every other, is socially constructed based on race, language and religion. The region, which by most accounts spans...

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Middle East

Middle East Part 1 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is an ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Many issues still remain today between the two groups. These include mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlements, Palestinian freedom of movement and legalities concerning refugees. The violence resulting from the conflict has brought international actions, as well as security and human rights concerns, within, between both sides, and...

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Middle East

is actually happing in the middle east. These so called nations are Israel and the Palestine state that is not yet a nation. In the middle east this is everyday life and all they know is that there government doesn't care for them so they continue to fight for a cause that will never be settled because their government doesn't want to come to an agreement. The United States is for peace and freedom for all people but they aren't doing enough to help out the middle east. The United States must take...

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Peace in the Middle East

against violent extremism in the Middle East. The President spoke about the great new era that is unfolding, founded on the equality of all people before God. This new era offers hope for the millions across the Middle East who seek a future of peace, progress, and opportunity. Unfortunately, these aspirations for liberty and justice are being threatened by extremists who murder the innocent in pursuit of power. Extremists Are Fomenting Instability In The Middle East One cause of instability is...

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Desalination in the Middle East

Monroe’s Motivated Sequence Desalination in the Middle East Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that desalination in the Middle East as a water supplement is much needed. I. Attention  Imagine seeing a small child in the street who is starving. If you don’t help this child obtain nutrition, she will turn to crime to get money for food. You must help her. This child is like the Middle East and its need for water. II. Need A. Middle Easterners are currently getting their water from...

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Women in the Middle East

Women in the Middle East Are women dumber than men? Are men better than women? Do religions, any religion, support the idea of men's power over women? These are some of the questions that cross our minds every day. Questions about society, men women, and how are they connected to religion, tradition, and culture. However, maybe women in the Middle East tend to think more about these questions because let's face it they are lagging behind. Some would say they are not, actually personally I faced...

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Middle East, Terrorism, Oil

Assignment I Identify what you think is the single most important factor—political, economic, cultural, or environmental--in the Middle East prior to 1948 that has influenced today's world. Explain and discuss this factor and its influences today in the Middle East using detailed and specific examples to support your argument. Without equivocation oil in the Middle East has been the biggest factor to influence today’s world. With the exception of food, no commodity is more widely in demand than...

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The Geography Of The Middle East

The Geography of the Middle East Essay The Middle East is a large and diverse geographical area located in southwest Asia and northeast Africa. It extends over 2,000 miles from the Black Sea in the north to the Arabian Sea in the south, and about 1,000 miles from the Mediterranean Sea in the west to the mountains of Iran. The term “Middle East” came into common use in the early twentieth century, but remains loosely defined. One term sometimes applied to part of this area is “Fertile Crescent,”...

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Marriage in the Middle East

Marriage in the Middle East There have been many types of marriage traditions in the Middle East and most of them are still around today. These are also all Islamic customs. Middle East traditions have some of the oldest marriage customs in the world. The two types of marriages are an arranged marriage and an open marriage. Most marriages in the Middle East are arranged marriages. The groom and the groom’s family pay for everything. The first thing one needs to do when planning an arranged marriage...

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Divorce in the Middle East

Divorce in the Middle East The rate of Divorce in the Middle East has rapidly increased during the last couple of years and negatively affected both parents and children. Studies have stated that the annual divorce in Dubai increased to 21% last year with 3,012 lawsuits filed. There are one in four marriages ending in divorce according to the UAE court. At least Dh800million is spent in the UAE every year on divorces, according to educationists and family affairs experts. However, we are now...

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Conflicts of the Middle East

There are many issues between the Middle East and America; many of them dating back to the 1940’s. The main reason America wanted to gain power in the area is to have a steady supply of oil. The desire for oil has a major effect on U.S. foreign policy, which is another problem. The involvement of the U.S. in foreign policy in the Middle East causes unrest, and in some cases, religious militancy, which is a serious problem. The blame for these problems doesn’t lay with just one country or region...

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Doing Business in the Middle East

Doing Business in the Middle East The western businesses that try to succeed in the Middle East face a lot of disappointments in each aspect of business. The main reason is that Western business leaders do not understand that the Middle East is different from the Western business environment in every single way. There are cultural differences that cannot be neglected. In order to start doing business successfully the Western businesses need to stop looking at business from the Western point of...

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International RElations of the Middle East

 Hasan Chapter Three-the Cold War in the Middle East Questions 6-11 6. How did the U.S. respond to the Soviet influences/ threats in Greece and Turkey, and why? What is the Truman Doctrine? 62-64. United Stated responded to the Soviet influences in Greece and Turkey by issuing a new policy called Truman Doctrine. This doctrine was issued by US president Harry Truman in 1947 to assist Greece and Turkey economically as well as militarily in order to prevent them from falling into Soviet control...

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Middle East Women

Jay Sammelmann Dr. Holzhauer UI350-01 4/24/13 Women of the Middle East The women of the Middle East are very interesting to look in to. They are not just another person or treated by the same standards like they are treated here in the United States. There is a lot of controversy and fighting for women’s rights throughout the Middle East. They have an extreme lack of power there and they are fighting to change that. It is not right that women are such inferior people over there because they...

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American Involvement in the Middle East

American Involvement in the Middle East “A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.” – John Burroughs We as citizens in the United States are, for the most part, familiar with the U.S. intervention in the Middle East. However, if you were to ask random citizens why we are there in the first place, you will get a few different answers. So why are we there? The Bush (W) administration claimed it was to fight terror, or, in Iraq’s case, to confiscate...

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Middle East Water Shortage

Middle East Water Shortage Due to geography and population growth, the Middle East nations are faced with a growing demand for a shrinking water supply. Throughout most of the Middle East region rainfall is irregular and the rainy season is very short. The World Bank reports that this area (including North Africa) has 5% of the world's population, but only 1% of the world's water. Droughts have been occurring more frequently and lasting longer, warning of a bleaker future. Man himself has...

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IKEA in the Middle East

IKEA in the Middle East May 2013 Table of contents Executive summary Introduction Purpose Scope Method Findings IKEA’s Marketing Strategy Reforms Discussion / Conclusion IKEA and the Future of the Middle East References Executive summary In 1995, IKEA opened their first store in the Middle East in what was called the retail hub Deira. This came at a time when the UAE was at the start of their development plans for Dubai. In terms of economics the UAE was on the way up in the...

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Geopolitical issues in middle east

Contents Page Geopolitical problems in Middle East and Northern Africa 3 Unresolved Euro Debt Crisis 6 Unknown Impact of the Japan’s Tsunami and Earthquake 8 Reference 10 Geopolitical problems in Middle East and Northern Africa There are many ways in which geopolitical problems the Middle East and Northern Africa would affect Malaysia. An example of a geopolitical problem in the Middle East would be the 2003 Iraq Crisis. This crisis...

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Business Law in Middle East

Business Law in UAE and Middle East Table of Contents Introduction: 2 Discussion 2 Specific case: E-commerce law of UAE: 5 Conclusion: 5 Works Cited 5 Introduction: This paper is talking about the business and commercial law within the frame work of Islamic world and UAE in specific. Four peer journal articles have been selected in order to build this paper in detail. The paper would first talk in detail various kinds of laws which are prevalent within the united Arab Emirates...

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Can There Be Peace in the Middle East

there be peace in the Middle East?” To ask the question of whether there can be peace in the Middle East is an interesting and quite personal question. The question, to me has always been a resounding YES, as I myself live there and for me there is no option but to answer yes in answer. This particular question though, runs deeper than a mere comment, and answer it in such a short time, we must first look at the problems in general. Oil ! That is what the modern Middle Eastern geopolitics have...

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Women and Religion in the Middle East

Religion and Women in the Middle East Religion goes hand in hand with culture, and in the Muslim countries this is very apparent. The cultural importance of men over women may have stemmed from religion, however it was further recognized when imperialist countries introduced capitalism and class divides. “Islam must combat the wrenching impact of alien forces whose influence in economic, political, and cultural permutations continues to prevail” (Stowasser 1994, 5). Now, instead of an agrarian...

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Feminism In Middle East And North Africa

 Feminism in Middle East and North Africa Name Institution Date Feminism in Middle East and North Africa Gender statistics in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region indicates that women are more socially, politically and economically disadvantaged than women from other regions. Islamic feminism is a reform movement that challenges the patriarchal interpretation of the theological knowledge of the Koran. Women’s wellbeing as well as increased agency are some of the significant...

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The Decline of the Middle East in the 18th Century

Was the Middle East really in decline in the eighteenth century, like the "paradigm of decline" claims it? And if this is the case, what did actually decline and what happened to other aspects of society and the economy? I will first discuss the two approaches regarding the "paradigm of decline" and their critics, and I will then explain why the Middle East was indeed in decline before the modern era. To begin with, the "paradigm of decline" is composed of two different approaches. First the meta-narrative...

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United States involvment in the Middle East

Alvaro Islas Texas Government Contreras June 5, 2014 United States Involvement in the Middle East The United States involvement with the Middle East has its roots stretched far back, but became more expansive and practiced after World War II. During the Cold War, the U.S. worked to prevent Soviet Union influence by supporting anti-communist regimes and backing Israel against Soviet-sponsored Arab countries. The United States also came to replace the United Kingdom as the security patron of...

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Middle East and People

assume something when it is a totally different thing. One other example of how Saudi’s are being judged, I was once shopping for a brand of shoes, which are considered winter shoes -UGGS to be exact. My friend who wasn't from Saudi Arabia or any Middle Eastern country was shopping with me. When I tried the shoes on and asked for her opinion she asked if I was going to wear the shoes while walking in the dessert back home. Because stereotypically I live in a tent surrounded by desserts and no civilization...

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Middle East Unrest and Its Impact on World Trade

Middle East Unrest and Its Impact on World Trade Middle East Unrest: Middle East unrest or The Arab Spring is basically a term given to The Arab Revolution. It is a revolutionary wave of demonstration, protests and wars taking place in the Arab world that began in the late 2010. To date, rulers have been dethroned from power Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Civil uprisings have manifested in Bahrain and Syria, major protests have taken place in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco and Sudan...

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Refining Industry Outlook In Middle East And Africa To 2019

Refining Industry Outlook in Middle East and Africa to 2019 - Capacity and Capital Expenditure Forecasts "The Report Refining Industry Outlook in Middle East and Africa to 2019 - Capacity and Capital Expenditure Forecasts with Details of All Operating and Planned Refineries provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. - MarketResearchReports.biz" Description Refining Industry Outlook in Middle East and Africa to 2019 - Capacity...

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Unequal and Unethical Treatment of Women in the Middle East

a history for inequity of women, especially domestic violence and abuse. These dilemmas have been going on for the many years in the past, and are still going on today, especially in Middle Eastern countries. One major aspect of the situation of abuse towards women is involved with marriage. In many Middle Eastern countries, it is common for parents to arrange or even force a marriage, and for the children to have no say in it (Child Brides). I believe that this is a large part of the cause...

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Qatar Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East

Fatima Al Karbi Contemporary Islam and IR Professor Shadi Mokhtari Analysis of Qatar’s Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East Introduction Qatar is located in Arabian Peninsula in boarders with Saudi Arabia, with only 225,000 citizens in a population of 1.7 million. Qatar follows a conservative religious ideology, Wahhabism. While some refer to Qatar as the “ Second Wahhabi Emirate,” it is traditionally known as “the most boring place in the gulf” or “the country...

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Arab and Seljuk Conquests of the Middle East: A Comparative Study

1. Compare the Arab and Seljuk conquests of the Middle East. How did each group of conquerors control their own followers and supporters and govern their new subjects? Can these conquests be put into a long-term context? Hint: don’t dwell overlong on sequences of events, though it is fine if you want to examine an event as part of a broader analysis of a larger historical process. The history of the Middle East tells a story of continuous conquer and seemingly One cannot help but recall the...

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Middle East Telecoms & Broadband Market - Trends and Statistics

Telecoms and fixed-line Developing regulatory systems in the telecoms sector of the Middle East have improved conditions for competitors although in almost all markets the main competitors to fixed-line incumbents are mobile network operators. Cross-border co-operation is becoming increasingly evident with regulators working together to improve services for end users and operators working together to deploy two regional terrestrial cables. Broadband continues to be the focus of incumbent operators...

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How did Muslim history during the Middle Ages shape the countries of the Middle East today

January 19th, 2012 Muslim during the Middle Ages and Today Essay question How did Muslim history in the Middle Ages, shape the countries of the Middle East today? Introduction Muslim history during the Middle Ages shaped the countries of the Middle East today by its religion, trade and law. The Middle East is used to describe a region of countries in southwest Asia and a part of North Africa. Countries in the Middle East are Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, United Arab...

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Women in the Middle East During the Late 19th and Early 20th Century

Women in the Middle East During the Late 19th and Early 20th Century As a result of Western imperialism circa 1900, throughout the Middle East things began to change. European writers and tourists flooded into Middle Eastern countries and developed a very exoticized view of the men and particularly women who lived there. Ultimately the general consensus was that Middle Eastern women were oppressed by Middle Eastern men. Through the Western lens this perceived oppression was indicative of the “uncivilized”...

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Middle East and Africa Solar Tracker Industry 2012 - 2019 by Researchmoz

ResearchMoz.us include new market research report"Solar Tracker (Single Axis and Dual Axis) Market for Solar PV, CPV, CSP Technology in Utility and Non Utility Applications - Middle East and Africa (MEA) Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2012 - 2019 " to its huge collection of research reports. Solar trackers are utilized to move photovoltaic panels toward the sun to utilize more sunlight. They enable solar modules to remain in the best position to accumulate maximum...

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Middle Eastern

Health 120 06/21/2013 Benchmark Project Dealing with Middle Eastern Patients All Arabs or people of Middle Eastern culture are not Muslims. People from this culture are Muslim, Christian, or Jewish, with the majority of being Muslim. Islam is of the largest religious group in the world. Middle Eastern patients are very modest and value privacy. This group of patients is really conservative. The need for affiliation is dominant among Middle Easterners. They thrive on a large repertoire of relationships...

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Middle East Cyber Security Market Global Industry Analysis,Growth,Trends and Forecast 2020

Transparency Market Research Single User License: Middle East Cyber Security Market - Global USD 4315.5  Flat 10% Discount!! Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth,  Free Customization as per your requirement Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020   Transparency Market Research State Tower, 90, State Street, Suite 700. Albany, NY 12207 United States www.transparencymarketresearch.com sales@transparencymarketresearch.com You will get Custom Report at Syndicated Report price Report...

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middle kingdom scarabs

significant body of ancient art. For reasons that are not clear (although no doubt connected to the religious significance of the Egyptian god Khepri), amulets in the form of scarab beetles had became enormously popular in Ancient Egypt by the early Middle Kingdom (approx 2000BCE) and remained popular for the rest of the pharaonic period and beyond. During that long period the function of scarabs repeatedly changed. Primarily amulets, they were also inscribed for use as personal or administrative seals...

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How Great Was the Impact of the Rise of Religious Fundamentalism in the Middle East on Regional Security from 1970 to 2000?

The rise of religious fundamentalism in the Middle East mostly had a negative impact on regional security from 1970 to 2000. There were many reasons for the rise and it was mainly due to the Islamic fundamentalism as they were described as a turning point. Regional security refers to the security concerns and well being of the regional states in the Middle East. Religious fundamentalism was initially caused by the desire to recreate the golden age of the religion and improving the present, yet...

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Review on Sectarian War: Pakistan’s Sunni-Shia Violence & Its Links to the Middle East

Title: Sectarian War: Pakistan’s Sunni-Shia Violence & Its Links to The Middle East. Author: Khaled Ahmed ISBN: 978-0-19-90-6593-6 Publisher: Oxford University Press Pages: 369 Price: PKR.550 By: Syed Haider Abbas The author of this book is Khaled Ahmed. Khaled Ahmed was in the Pakistan Foreign Service from 1969 to 1978. He left it to become a journalist of distinction in The Pakistan Times. He is a former consulting editor of Daily Times; resident editor of The Frontier Post; joint editor...

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Doing business in middle east

Doing business in Middle East The United Arabs Emirates, a place where people from all over the world come to find success and fame. A place where your dreams can come true but not for everyone. The main reason for these are a lack of ability to adapt into a new culture. In history, culture differences have always been at the heart of conflicts between people and civilizations. We live in a highly populated world where cultures differ even from city to city. This creates conflicts and misunderstanding...

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An Argumentative Essay about Middle Eastern Women.

the US. The rights of Muslim women in the Middle East are despicably being violated in many different ways. Many people foolishly argue that it is how they were raised in the Middle East, and that their equality is on the rise. How women present themselves in the Middle East can be a reflection on their religious beliefs they are exposed to. Islam is one of the more dominant religions of the people in the Middle East. The Muslim people of the Middle East also seem to be the most prominent follower...

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Middle East

What is the Middle East? According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, the Middle East is the lands around the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, extending from Morocco to the Arabian Peninsula and Iran and sometimes beyond. Geography  There is no single definition of what constitutes the Middle East. The CIA website states that the Middle East includes these countries. Egypt is also included in many lists of countries in the Middle East.  The borders of countries in the...

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The Kite Runner: Interactions with the United States-Middle Eastern Conflict

The Kite Runner: Interactions with the United States-Middle Eastern Conflict The turmoil of the Middle East today is largely shaped by the perspectives of outsiders around the world. The Kite Runner, a historical fiction piece by Khaled Hosseini, contributes significantly to these perceptions. In the novel, the author uses the United States-Middle Eastern conflict as a foundation for many of the story’s central elements, which in turn have impressed a profound effect on the development of this...

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Middle East

future Arab politics and society and the larger stability of the region. The structure of the essay will be as follows. Firstly, given the haphazard usage of the term “democracy”, I will attempt to define democracy within the context of the Middle East and establish its parameters. Furthermore, I will address the misperceptions of democracy’s incongruity with Islam. This will entail the examination of the crucial role played by Islamic groups around the Arab world in fostering the democratic...

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Elixir Technology—Entry Into Middle East

Case Report ELIXIR TECHNOLOGY—ENTRY INTO MIDDLE EAST PART 1 Introduction This statement is to demonstrate how we decide to enter the Middle East, and what actions we will take to consolidate our market share step by step. PART 2 SWOT Analysis To get more information about our potential market, we did analysis as followed Strength: High-performance product: ER's new bi-directional text rendering allows to write from right to left and was scalable both upward...

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in Northern Africa and in the Middle East. Islam was destined to become a world religion that created civilization worldwide (Barkati 2011) which succeeded as Islam is the world’s second largest religion after Christianity in the world today. Islam has many impacts and influences in many countries around the world especially in countries in northern Africa and in the Middle East (Diller 1994). Islamism has impact countries in Northern Africa and in the Middle East politically, economically, and...

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Mers cov

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Paul Notley Lynn University Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, also referred to as MERS-CoV, is a novel coronavirus that emerged in April 2012 in Saudi Arabia. The coronavirus causes severe repertory illness in humans in which nearly half of the reported cases have been fatal. Middle East Respiratory MERS-CoV has “also been shown to infect a range of human, primate, porcine, and bat cell lines” (Emergence of the Middle East...

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International Business Strategy Case Study

the Middle East {Case: Ivey 904A12} | | | |Report terms of reference | |Consider the firm’s position in May 2003. It has had some success expanding into other markets and is now considering the Middle East. | ...

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Allied Diplomacy

"ALLIED DIPLOMACY DURING WW1 IN THE MIDDLE EAST WAS CONTRADICTORY AND CAUSED INSTABILITY IN THE REGION." TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT? Due to Britain's position as a major power, the country was able to reshape the Middle East and formulate agreements with several important cultures. However, some of the terms within these treaties were completely contradictory, creating dispute and controversy between parties. This very powerful mandate made many mistakes and errors in judgment...

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Lebanon Paper

Control Gaining Stability in a Nation Out of Control Lebanon remains a key component to the United States national interest in the Middle East. Senior Leaders, grasping the importance of this vital democratic state is paramount, because it is critical to U.S. strategic interests and you may find yourself in need of this knowledge for future Middle East engagements. This paper will explain Lebanon’s background, government, strategic importance, and its future direction and impact to the U...

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Ottoman Empire and Continuities

300-600 Analyze the cultural and political changes and continuities in the formation of national identities in ONE of the regions listed below form 1914 to present. Be sure to include evidence form specific countries in the region selected Middle East Southeast Asia Sub-Saharan Analyze the changes and continuities in commerce in the Indian Ocean region form 650 to 1750. Analyze continuities and changes in patterns of interactions along the Silk Roads from 200 BCE to 1450 CE. Describe...

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Arab Culture

Starting in the late nineteenth century and moving on to the twentieth century, the Middle East has been mostly an Arabic country. Research shows that Between 1800 and 1914, the Muslim population had a yearly average increase in the order of magnitude of roughly 6-7 per thousand. This can be compared to the very crude estimate of about 4 per thousand for the "less developed countries" of the world (in Asia, Africa, and Latin America) between 1800 and 1910. It is possible that part of the growth...

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Three Cups of Tea Reflection

associated with this area. This book made me withdraw my prejudices and form a new opinion about the inhabitants of this region. As a woman, I was extremely interested in the status of women in both Islam and the Middle East. I had some preconceived notions about women in the Middle East, especially about the way they dressed and their positions compared with males in society. Several passages about women stuck out to me in this book. One of them was after Mortenson’s closest friend and one of the...

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Southwest Asia

Introduction: Southwest Asia or Middle East, geographic and cultural region located in southwestern Asia and northeastern Africa. The geopolitical term Middle East, first coined in 1902 by United States naval officer Alfred Thayer Mahan, originally referred to the Asian region south of the Black Sea between the Mediterranean Sea to the west and India to the east. The first civilizations of the Middle East, which grew in the valleys of the Nile, Tigris, and Euphrates rivers, are among the oldest...

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Analysis of Robert Fisk's "Why"

within the Middle East feel towards the United States. Second, he seeks to answer why the United States government and our society reacted in such a manner after 9/11 and evaluates this response. Third, Fisk pinpoints the past and present violent actions of the United States government, which I believe intentionally leaves the reader, me, with unresolved “why” regarding the United States’ foreign policy: why do these policies that further erode our relations with states in the Middle East continue...

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Assignment 2

the region. The market for an international music channel in the Middle East was untapped at that time, but the market showcasing local music was saturated. Despite this, the region offered massive opportunities for growth if MTV could successfully translate and adapt their strategy into one that could be successful in a culture that had major differences to their business culture. MTV Networks (MTVN) expanded into the Middle East with MTV Arabia in November 2007, through a partnership with Arab...

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Political Economy

system. In this essay Middle East region, which is consisted of lands around the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, extending from Morocco to the Arabian Peninsula and Iran and sometimes beyond ( Britannica website, 2013), will be analysed from political economy perspective. Situation of region is analysed by Political economy of inequality in the Middle East and then economic ties among the region countries. Research into political economy of the Middle East is important and beneficial...

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Long Term Causes of the Israeli-Palestine conflict

War on the Western Front was a static war. In order to end the war faster the British needed to open a new front to try and tie down troops of Germany or one of its allies. Many of these attempts to open up a new front were made in the Near and Middle East. The campaign at Gallipoli, where ANZAC troops landed in 1915, failed miserably and after early successes Indian divisions also suffered defeats in Mesopotamia against the Ottomans. In search for a new way to break open the war the British decided...

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Free sample

A study to show if Emirates Airline is the best airline in the Middle East. Abstract The report contains a brief introduction into the history of Emirates Airlines. This research project has been carried out to find whether or not Emirates is the best airline in the Middle East. This project will make use of both primary and secondary data, primary data will be gathered through questionnaires which have close-ended multiple choice questions for the most part and one or two open ended...

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launch in 2000, Fortune took just 20 months to become India's No.1 edible oil brands*, and is still at the top of the charts. Following the success in India, AWL introduced branded Edible oil to Middle-East and is now exporting its products to more than 19 countries in the Middle-East, South East Asia & East Africa. COMPANY HISTORY A decade ago, a partnership between the Adani Group and the Wilmar Corporation was born – and it was one that was soon to change the face of the edible oil business...

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