National Park Essay

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National Park Writing Assignment

The national park that I picked is Fundy national park located in New

Brunswick. It is part of the Atlantic Maritime ecozone which consists of the

Appalachians region and the coastal plains. I chose to represent the

Appalachians region on my poster and represented the four seasons (spring,

summer, fall and winter). The climate in this region is cooler summers and

warmer winters and a lot of precipitation. The vegetation in the Atlantic

Maritime includes deciduous, Boreal and Acadian forests which contain a

variety of different plant species such as coniferous and deciduous trees and

various types of moss. I included the Acadian forest in my poster which has

both coniferous and deciduous trees. The wildlife in this region includes

moose, deer, foxes, squirrels, various types of birds and fish species. I

included deer, foxes, birds (seagulls) and ducks in my poster.

Paragraph 2:
Activities at Fundy national park in my poster include kayaking, exploring

trails in the forest and taking pictures of the famous Hopewell rocks while

visiting the beach. Other fun activities that visitors might enjoy are bird

watching, camping, sightseeing, renting boats and fishing, hiking and in the

winter, skiing or tobogganing.

Paragraph 3:

Ecological integrity is demonstrated in my poster as all components of an

ecosystem (Atlantic Maritime) such as vegetation, climate, wildlife and

landforms are functioning and present in my poster. Every scene in my

poster contains ecological integrity for example my mountain scene

includes a landform (Appalachians), a climate (winter), wildlife (deer) and

vegetation (coniferous trees). The signs and small amount of visitors are

examples of how my park is protected.
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