Jarassic Park Essay

Topics: Jurassic Park, Dinosaur, Chaos theory Pages: 7 (1363 words) Published: July 21, 2013
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1. Explain how the biotechnological revolution is different from past scientific changes in the world

It's different because it means more advances in medicine and that means a better human life span.

2. What problems can be foreseen in biotechnology?

Biotechnology is unpredictable and dangerous but biotechnology can be useful in many ways.

3. What type of animal did the lizard-like creature that Tina plays with resemble?

The lizard resembled a Basilisks amoratus , a striped basilisk lizard.

4. Describe the problem Marty Gutierrez is faced with.
He has to choose whether to tell the bowmen’s he doesn’t know what lizard is or not. 5. Why is Costa Rica ecologically unique?
Costa Rica has mountains, volcanoes, forests, and deserts.
6. Describe what Alice Levin suspects from the lizard sample. What leads her to her hypothesis? She suspects it’s a dinosaur . She suspects it’s a dinosaur because her kids draw dinosaurs all the time and she sees the same tail on the sample as she sees in her children’s pictures.

7. Describe the professions of Grant and Sattler.
They are paleontologists.
8. What is amber?
Amber is fossilized tree sap.
9. Describe the discovery Grant and Ellie make from the fax message. They discover that it is a resort with animals.
10. Who is Hammond and what does he want from Grant?
Hammond is the boss of Jurassic park and he wants Grant to come and tell everybody it’s safe.

(Pages 51-100)

1. Explain Gennaro’s job.
Gennaro is the attorney sent by the investors to see if Jurassic park is safe.

2. Describe the CAST system and how it will revolutionize fossil hunting. The CAST system lets the diggers know where to dig and how deep to dig it also lets them know where the fossil begins and where it ends.

3. Describe the body plan (adaptations) of a velocirapter. Its bones are as light as a birds, its legs allow it to run at very high speeds.

4. What do the executives of biosyn feel InGen (Hammond’s company) is involved in? They think there in some weird biotechnology experiment.

5. How can dinosaur DNA be recovered.
They can get it from dinosaur blood.
6. Explain Malcolm’s profession.
Malcolm is a mathematician.

7. Explain the basis behind Malcolm’s prediction for Hammond’s island . He thinks that Hammond will not be able to control the dinosaurs.

8. Explain the theory of chaos (use the weather as an example). The theory of chaos states that the human can only predict only a few seconds into the future. People cannot predict the weather 100% correct weather can change almost instantly. So chaos is something you cannot control.

9. Who is Ed Regis?
Ed Regis is head of park relations.

10. Describe some of the new theories which have been developed to help explain dinosaurs and their behavior. Dinosaur behavior can be modified by changing things in there DNA.

11. Who are Tim and Lex?
Tim and Lex are Hammond’s grandchildren.

12. Where has the dinosaur DNA been coming from? Who is Dr. Wu? The DNA has been coming from mosquitos in fossilized amber.
Dr. Wu is the chief geneticist for Jurassic park.

(Pages 100-200)

1.Why are the scientists not concerned with analyzing the entire strand of dinosaur DNA?

They are not concerned with anything but looking for holes in the strand and filling them.

2. Who is nerdy?

Nerdy is the software designer for Jurassic park.

3.Explain phylogenic mapping using DNA sequences.

Phylogenic mapping finds holes in the DNA and tells the scientists what to use to fill the holes in the DNA.

4.Describe the two ways Dr. Wu has attempted to prevent the dinosaurs from breeding.

One of the ways Dr. Wu makes sure the animals are not breeding is by making them all female, the other way is by making them all sterile.

5.Describe the basic purpose of the Procompsognathids on the island.

The basic purpose of the...
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