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Topics: Prince Edward Island, Maritimes, New Brunswick Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: October 23, 2013
My Province

I did my research topic on the province of Prince Edward island. The population is about 141,000 people.
The capital city of P.E.I. is Charlottetown.
The largest city is Charlottetown with about 32,000 people.
PEI is also known as the maritimes.
This province is bordered by a little bit of Quebec and Newfoundland on the North, Nova Scotia on the East and South and New Brunswick on the West. The climate in P.E.I. is mostly warm and wet in the summer and cold and stormy in the winter.

Land forms
P.E.I. has many different land forms including the North umber land Strait, Elephant Rock and Appalachian Regions. The physical appearance of P.E.I. is it has many rolling hills, lots of water and red sand.

Natural Resources
In P.E.I. the resources are mainly agriculture, fishing and tourism. Almost half of the land is used for farming. 30 percent of Canada=s potatoes are grown in P.E.I.. The second largest industry is tourism.

The third largest industry is fishing.

People and Culture
The people of this province are mostly Catholics and Protestant. They mainly originate from french colonies, then Great Britain populated it by bringing in Britain influences. The government leader of P.E.I. is Robert Ghiz.

The people of prince Edward island like to eat potatoes and seafood. Fishing, golfing and hiking are some of the activities they like to do. Some of the special celebrations P.E.I. has are the summer P.E.I. potatoe Blossom Festival and fall PEI shell festival.

The people of PEI go to school like us until they are 17 years old then they go off to college or university. A Famous person from PEI is Lucy Maude Montgomery who is an author and wrote the book AAnne of Green Gables@

The 3 most interesting place that I would like to visit in P.E.I. are the

West Point Lighthouse-
Is located on the southwestern tip of P.E.I.. It is a square wooden tower. It is the first lighthouse built by the federal government on the...
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