Topics: Classroom, Substitute teacher, Student Pages: 3 (1386 words) Published: February 18, 2014
The room filled with posters, the folders filled with papers, the teacher’s desk filled with long essays and forms. There laid 30 desks in six rows with students sitting in them. Twenty-five pencils moving and five pencils sat there on the desk resting. There was a beautiful view of their middle school on top of a hill with a sidewalk in the middle. All of a sudden you can hear an echo of a pencil roll off a desk. A leg pears out from under a desk and struggles to reach it, finally when the leg got hold of the pencil it steps on it gently and pulls it toward itself. While another student walks over to the teacher’s desk asking for permission to use the restroom in the middle of an exam. While you can feel another student’s heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rise to ensure an enough oxygen supply, Sweating and muscle tension increase to help adjust body temperature and you can see his face bright red trying to answer every question on the exam before time is up. In the opposite corner of the room a student’s hand covering his eyes so the teacher can’t see so he can continue tilting his head in every direction possible so get some answers from his classmates. In the center of course, the class clown, he sat there resting his legs on an empty chair next to him, talking to himself to attract attention. In the side of the classroom a student, referred to be foolish, looked around the classroom looking for answers on the board, posters and even on the desks. While all this was in progress, the teacher was on the computer trying to plan the next class for the students, searching for funny videos and images to keep the students engaged. Other times teachers stare at the computer with a serious face, which meant she just received an email form a parents or some teacher show their anger by screaming at a student when asking a question. The class room is always filled with different emotion, feeling, and intensions during a serious exam. An old man walked in door...
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