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By ireneeex33 Feb 11, 2014 1294 Words
 Who are your real friends
Once upon a time there were two girls named Karina and Karen. Karina and Karen were best friends they treated each other like sisters. When they were small they used to play hide-and-seek, they used to go the park while riding their bike, each day Karina and Karen grew closer and closer. They went to elementary school together, middle school together and even high school. They trusted each other a lot. They always told each other everything, they never hide anything from each other. They treated each other like sisters. They had the best relationship that a best friend could have. One their first day of high school, Karen and Karina were super excited, they thought they were going to have classes together, but they didn’t. it was their first time that they didn’t have any classes together, they felt really weird not helping each other in class or talking to each other. It was really hard for them to make new friends because since they were used to being so together, they didn’t really know to make friends. They were really shy. Days passed and passed and Karen finally made a friend named Carolina. Carolina wasn’t a good friend, she was addicted to drugs to smoking and alcohol, she used to skip school and she had a bad school record. Karen didn’t know anything about Carolina. Carolina’s intensions were to hurt her, because that’s how she was. Karina was really happy that Karen finally made a friend because she knew that Karen was a really shy person and that it was going to take her time to fit in. Also Karina didn’t know how Carolina was. Karen and Carolina became really close friends, they used to spend more time together. Karina was really worried that her friendship with Karen was going to change, but instead of getting closer they were fading little by little. Karen noticed that they were fading, so she tried to have sleepovers, she tried to go to the movies’ she tried to spend time with Karina. Karina couldn’t always go because she had a lot of homework to do, so Karen used to take Carolina instead. When Karen and Carolina used to spend time together Carolina was always giving her bad influences she used to showed her how to smoke and drink. At first Karen felt really weird doing it but then she got used to it, just like Carolina did. Karina had noticed the big change that Karen went through, so she decided to spend more time with her, instead of spending more time in homework. When Karina had a sleepover she noticed that Karen was quieter and that she used to dress differently. They weren’t the same anymore and Karina didn’t like that so she asked her “what’s wrong with you?” “Why have you change so much?” and she answered “since when do you care”? we barely spend time together, you’re always busy to have time for me. Karina knew that Karen was right so she decided to spend more time with her now. Days have passed by and their friendship was getting worse, they weren’t the same. Once Karina saw Karen smoking and she didn’t even asked her why she did it. She kept on walking. She noticed that Karen was skipping school and doing drugs with Carolina. She got worried and she spoke with her. Karen told her to stay out of her life, that she doesn’t need her anymore, that she has Carolina now, a friend that will never leave her side. Karina tears came out and said “okay I will” but in her mind she need that she could never stop caring for Karen. Her best friend since ever. One day this guy named Juan moved to Karen’s and Karina’s neighborhood. He started going to their high school which is Clarkwoods high school. He had all classes with Karina. Karina was starting to like him a lot. Karen had told Carolina how she felt about Juan. Carolina knew how Karina had feelings for him too. A month passes by and Juan liked to spend time with Karina that he made her think that he fell in love with her. He asked her on a date and Karina said yes. On their date they kissed and since Karina liked him a lot, Juan asked her to be his girlfriend and she said of course. Juan was a naughty boy, he liked to see girls fight over him specially if they were best friends. He liked to ruin friendships. Juan’s real girlfriend is Carolina. They had a good plan to ruin their friendship, and so far it was working. Carolina had told Karen that Karina knew how she felt about Juan and she didn’t care at all and that she decided to date him just to hurt her . Karen got really upset because she couldn’t believe that her “ best friend “ was going to hurt her that way. Carolina was telling Karen a lot of lies that she actually believed them and that made her want to fight Karina. Willing to do anything just to get Juan to herself. One day Karina was passing by and she had heard some people saying rumors that Karen was going to fight her. She was really confused, because she couldn’t believe such a dumb thing. Well she decided that she wasn’t going to let herself to embarrassed so she was willing to fight her. Juan had heard everything that was going on, he was really excited for the fight. The next day Karina was going to her locker when he saw Juan talking with Carolina saying that their plan was working really good and then Karina saw them kissed. She was really shocked, she was going to tell Karen about everything but she knew that Karen wasn’t going to believe her. Well the day came and Carolina and Juan were super excited to see how their planned had succeed. When Karen had grabbed Karina’s hair Karina told her everything that she saw and heard. Of course Karen didn’t believe her, Karina told her that she has never lied to her and that to look at her eyes to see if she was lying or not. She looked right into her eyes and she had that sparkle and she knew that she wasn’t lying. On that time Juan and Carolina came and asked her why weren’t they fighting? Karen knew right away that it was a plan that Carolina and Juan had planned and that Karina was right all alone. She asked herself many times why didn’t she believe her best friend when she was telling her the truth. She apologized to her how sorry she was and everything she did. She told Karina that she would never waned to lose her, but she didn’t know anymore how to handle not spending time with her. Karina accepted her apology, she couldn’t stand being mad at her, she was her only best friend. They loved each other to death. Karina and Karen became best friends again. Well they never stopped, they just had problems that were ruining their friendship. They had stopped spending time together .They had become friends with a girl who was addicted to drugs, they had fallen in love with the wrong person. They had made a lot of mistakes but with those mistakes they learned a lesson. They also learned that nobody is perfect and that everyone makes mistake, but what’s most important to value in life is a friendship.

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