Topics: 2008 singles, Apostrophe Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: September 30, 2014
Santiago, Anyel

Learning something can be a scary experience. I Anyel Santiago, sale associate and a cashier in Old Navy, Dolphin Mall since April 19, 2013 I realize people can't manage their moods. The customers can be rude sometimes throwing the items on the cashier, some cut off other customers in line, some are so friendly that they make a half hour conversation with you, and some are just weird. But besides that, they'ress the people that live in the same world as I do. So, I can't change how they feel on a certain day. Heck, even sometimes I act in an unpleasant or pleasant way; when the situtation is opposite and am standing on the other side of the cashier. But since we're human beings and we encounter emotions; I know that everyone has their moments let it be good or bad.

First of all, not everything is what we expect it to be... Working as a cashier has taught me different type of lessons. For instance, when I started in Old Navy it was basically my first real job. Before that, I was working in daycare, an office and warehouses but none could ever compare to working at Old Navy. I've been working for a year and five months now, and the experience working there has been a roller coaster. Every day I experience something new, for example; there was a time about five to six months ago where Old Navy was crowed, the clothe everywhere, people talking loud, kids running around and some crying on their baby carriage. You could feel the hummied environment, so many people and everything going on was making everyone claustrophobic. Any how it was insane and an occupied but I has amount other where in a good spirit, cheerful, smilling, and helping everyone who needed it. In the meanwhile, I was going around handing out coupons and giving an outstanding customer service, to what I believe. My manager then called me over because she needed more cashiers.

Immediately, I headed over, and that's when everything began. Taking register...
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