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Topics: Prison, Family, Father Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: November 27, 2013
I was always that good kid that would always try not to do wrong, and be onm track with positive assertions. Then things happened and distracted me from the positive choices I used to make in life. Eventually, it kept building up to the pont where I lost control. Here's a little on how it all unfolded.

I was raised in Hacienda heights with two brothers, one sister, and my parents. my mother and father would always motivate me to do better. I was involved in school programs and sports. I would always be determined to push myself in everything I did. All from getting higher grades in school to becoming a better player in the sports I played. I would get nothing but A's and B's in school. I became the President of Student Council in elementary and Vice President in middle school. I was also the team captian in my football team every year.

Ever since fourth grade, my uncle has been incarcerated in prison. He was my biggest role model. He always had nice cars, the pretty girls, and a lot of money. It was like he had it made, and he was only 19! He was a really cool guy. It hurt my feeling a lot when he got sentenced to 15 years. I wasn't going to let that bring me down though . Although my parents were a good motivation, my uncle's disciplinary action kept me on track to try better.

That's when 6th grade came along. My mother caught my father cheating on her with another woman. The only reason he fussed up in his wrongdoing was because he got the giorl pregnant. After that everything changed. My parents tried to work things out, but eventually split up. My family and I stood at the house my father built, while he moved in to another house with his girlfriend. My father was still always there for us. It was just weird getting used to him being with another woman. Everything went well all up until 7th grade summer. That's when my father went to jail. I figured it would be okay because he always knew his way out of trouble. This time was different though. He got...
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