My Values Paper

Topics: Family, Value, Ethics Pages: 4 (1493 words) Published: December 16, 2008
Personal Values Paper

Phillip Walker
PHL 323
Where does one begin when examining one’s values? The origin, the characters and different events that have taken place in one’s life? In this paper you’ll find that more than anything people have made the largest impact on how I have created my own values. Of course the different places and circumstances played key roles on how my values were tested which resulted in bringing to light what my beliefs were. Personal Values

Values, the word itself can evoke a discussion that can be heated and discussed in every realm of life. Values at home, values at work, values at church; is it possible that people have different values for different occasions? How does one react when their values are challenged? And are your values that strong if they easily swayed? Values and character are often heard as the foundation for many people; I myself would like to think that my values are part of my foundation and makes me who I am today. To look back and try to realize what and whom helped structure my values, it easy to realize that it started many years ago starting with my parents. From there I can recall that the people that continued to help form my values ranged from church figures to coaches. Thinking of all these different people actually prompts me to want to pick up the phone and call them to say thanks. Interestingly enough when doing a search on “ethical values” through the search engine Google; the very first site that is listed is a site called, Josephson Institute of Ethics: The Six Pillars of Character…specializing in establishing Character in youths. This leads me to believe that your beliefs and values really do start when you are young and most apt to be influenced. Think for a second that if you are brought up in a home where choosing right from wrong is important and when you do wrong you actually pay a consequence whether that means being grounded for life or in my case: losing...

References: Dad – Garry Walker
Mom- Estefania Walker
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