5 values of my life

Topics: Morality, Integrity, Innovation / Pages: 4 (1654 words) / Published: Nov 4th, 2014
My Five Personal Values
Values are defined as something that are precious, priceless, meaningful and valued by an individual, a group of people or an organization. No matter we are aware of them or not, everyone has his or her fundamental set of values which consist of many different kinds of values. Everyone is not born with values but these values are built up by those closest to us, by trials, events, and institutions. Each individual’s value system is different from one another because individual’s values are formed through one’s life experience, environment, and family background. Values are important to us because they reflect our personal moral standards, shape our behavior and guide us through long life journeys. Values also give directions to our behavior by determining what is desirable. In this modern era, we are living in a highly connected society, individual’s value system does not only affect one’s own life but also bring impact to many other people and the human society as a whole. Hence, people with a high moral standard values can bring more benefits and good things to our society thus improve our society as a whole. Growing up in a family which are under poverty life for many years has laid the foundation for me. In that I have learned firsthand what it means to respect to others. Besides that, my value system contains trustworthy, cooperation, passion and innovation. I treasure my values because they are part of my life. They are consistent with high moral standards and will bring good impact to me, my family, and people around me and ultimately bring good things to our society.
Firstly, I highly value respect to others. Respect for others means acknowledging each other, listening to other's opinions, their feelings, their time, and their personal space. From utilitarianism point of view, a moral action is an action that will bring the maximum happiness to most people. Respect for others will bring the happiness to people around us

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